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Lula Roe Review |Ultimate Christmas Giveaway Series

You fit into 1 of 3 categories right now: LULAROE!!!! WAHOO!! Um…yes, that sounds familiar. (insert polite smile) How in the world do you pronounce that and why should I care.        I’m mostly talking to you if you are a 2 or a 3 here. You number 1’s are already excited for your chance at FREE LULA ROE coming this week and that is why you are here!!    Here is just part of why this company is awesome and why people are going crazy over these clothes!!     This is my favorite dress!! Now, for…

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Books We Use to Homeschool | An Usborne Review

Let’s get down to it!! Most of us homeschooling mamas are curriculum/book junkies!! We want the best books in our home. We’d love if our children were outside playing or reading a book 90% of the time.  We have bought some lame, useless books. Books, that like most cartoons these days, leave you feeling less intelligent.   Finding a book you love that also holds your child’s attention can be a tall order….which brings me to my point…Usborne… Have you heard of them?   Usborne is an educational company that has a direct sales line of consultants and books.   …

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3 Reasons I Love Teething Necklaces |Trendy Mommy Designs

  First, I’m going to show you these adorable teething necklaces and teethers made by Trendy Mommy Designs. Because I LOVE them I’m going to share with you my top 3 reasons  I think YOU should own a teething necklace!! Here we go!! Aren’t they fun!? Look at these adorable teethers!!!  They look just like jewelry. which pretty much ensures your child will put them in their mouth!! Oh my gosh!! These!! She has an entire line of teethers you just attach to your baby carrier!!  Shorter than a necklace…longer than a teether!!  She’s like a teething genius!! Can you tell I’ve had…

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Younique Fiber Lashes: I Still Love Them

  You might remember this post from 2 years ago when I was first introduced to Younique Fiber Lashes!!!  Crazy thing is, I still run into so many women who have never heard of this amazing product!!  I’m here to tell you, 2 years later,  I still use and LOVE this mascara!! If you haven’t tried this yet, are a bit of a skeptic or have tried this product, but didn’t have the results you thoughtm you should definitely check out this video! So here is what you receive when you order the Fiber Lashes. I’ll be honest. I was…

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CocoLo Sugar Scrubs | Review

      Luxury is not a word I’m accustomed to in this season of life. Heck, JUST taking a shower 2 days in a row is feeling like an accomplishment these days.   Rabbit trail…Recently I was sharing with my husband how accomplished I felt for the day. A workout. A shower. Educating our children. Feeding the dog…and a couple others. When I was done with my announcement he said “feeding the dog is not an accomplishment”. Isn’t that funny?! 1.  It is too!!   2.  It seems like showering should be LESS of an accomplishment feeding the dog.…

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Young Living Natural Laundry Detergent and Cleaner | A review

  You know I have struggled with laundry over the years! Well, really, I hate laundry. It makes me want to be naked AND I have a 2 month old and a body to show for it!! So that should tell you how much I hate laundry if I’d rather be naked! I’ve made my own laundry soap. I’ve told you to have someone else do your laundry and given you the gift of laundry done and folded on front porch! I’ve cried over piles of laundry! I want to use “natural” laundry detergent. My husband LOVES a more…well, let’s just say,…

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Beautiful Jewelry with a Purpose |Noonday | A Review

I’m going to shower  you with beautiful pictures,tell you how rad this company is and then tell you how to get your hands on these beauties!! You may have seen a few of these lovelies in my Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide.  They are beautiful!!     This one is the one ^^^^ in our giveaway this month! I’m really excited for one you blessed mamas!! This beauty sold out the weekend after Thanksgiving!!!!    This last pair  ^^^ I actually own!!  Aren’t they so dreamy!  So you can see the jewelry is beautiful (as promised) now let me share with…

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PiYo | 10 Reasons You Will Love These Workouts! Beachbody Review

    You may remember my simple stance on fitness.  If not, check it out here. Prior to having babies I had all the time in the world to exercise and did often because I loved it.  I could surf, play tennis, jog, swim or even belong to a gym!! And I did all those thing with joy, not even realizing how much I would covet those moments of peaceful, sweaty, exercise. With 7 children, including an infant and a 17 month old. Even with my triple jogger (es, they make those!)  I’d still have to have 4 children on bikes…

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Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide (the one you want to send your husband)

      There was a time when I wanted my husband to buy me whatever was in his heart. That time has passed.  I’m sending him a gift guide!! LOL! Just teasing…though I will send him this guide and have already sent him half the websites here, you should know my hubby is a good, generous gift giver!!           Aren’t these pretty!?!? They are called Revelry and run $32  I love a good pair of earrings with jeans. A nice pair of earrings can make me feel like such a lady even when I haven’t managed…

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A Thanksgiving Prayer (From a Mother with an Infant)

A Thanksgiving Prayer (For some reason it came out in a poem! LOL!)   Even if you didn’t get to sleep in, may your energy level be high.  Focus on smells of turkey, not poop because the days are flying by.  Before we know it, we’ll be alone in the bathroom (no fingers peeking under the door) and awaiting our children to come home.  And perhaps one thanksgiving home they will not be, because off in the world they will rome.  When your baby is crying, just breath, shush and bounce. Help us not worry about the state of our…

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