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Encouragement for the Pregnant Mama

Dear Pregnant Mama, As I write to you, I’m pregnant myself. My due date was 3 days ago actually and this is baby # 7 by the way. Hopefully be the end of this month, I will have had 7 children in the last 9 calendar years. I’m no stranger to pregnancy or the crazy roller coaster of emotions that can often accompany it. Yes, of course, children are a blessing and pregnancy is a privilege, but mama, I know it can be tough too…REALLY tough. I’m pressed to encourage you this morning… You can do this, but more shockingly…

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Date Night

Be A Better Wife Wednesday |Date Night on the Couch

Life gets BUSY and EXPENSIVE and making time for date nights doesn’t always seem possible, but worse than that, it doesn’t always seem appealing. Tracking down a trustworthy babysitter, finding a night that works and then arranging activities you both like that aren’t going to break the bank is sometimes more than either one of us wants to take on. My husband has a weird schedule too, so it never really works well with other people’s weekend availability. Over the years we’ve perfected our “on the couch” date nights.   The evening unfolds something like this… We feed the children…

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25 reasons to be excited you homeschool

Be A Better Mom Monday | A Message for Homeschooling Moms |25 Reasons to be excited you home educate!!

As I scrolled through my FB feed this weekend I noticed many posts from moms in preparation for the new school year. These moms were prepping lunches, laying out new clothes and feeling bittersweet about sending their little ones off to school for another year of education. It’s a mixed bag of feelings when you read the posts, isn’t it? Maybe there is still a tinge of jealousy for these moms who are going to get the day off and have already made their children’s lunch for the day! I know I still had a little, though I’m not proud…

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Love letters

Be A Better Wife Wednesday | Love Letters

  In the middle of the night after several bad dreams, I decided to just get out of bed.   The house was dark and quiet, my 34 week pregnant body ached. I sat down at the computer unsettled and pulled up Ephesians 4 on Bible Gateway.   As a wife and mother, I’ve headed to this chapter many times and tonight was no different.  I was unsettled, restless and anxious. Forcing myself to take my thoughts captive and reminding myself the dreams were not real, I decided to read and pray.     As I began  to read the familiar…

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walk worthy

Be A Better Mom Monday | Walk Worthy of the Calling

In just two verses of, what has come to be my absolute favorite chapter of the Bible for wifing and mothering, I’m filled with both conviction and hope, overflowing.   Christianity is a calling, I’ve always known, but over the years it’s been more difficult for me to believe motherhood is a calling too.  Women say it all the time and you want it to be true because it’s your season of life, but some days it seems like you’ve drawn the short end of the stick and missed your “calling” all together.   And aren’t those the lies of…

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A letter to lonely wives graphic...

Dear lonely wives, My heart is heavy for you.   I’ve been where you are, sitting alone not understanding how I could feel so alone surrounded by so many humans. (I have a husband and 6 children remember!) You are vulnerable. You are heartbroken. You are lonely. I want you to know: I understand where you are! I’m so sorry you are going through this! There is hope! Please hear me, lovingly give you some important information…crucial information, you may need.  There are 3 lies the enemy wants you to believe. THIS IS THE TRUTH!  1. You will not be…

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First Day of School graphic

First Day of School starts with Tea Time

When you were young, didn’t you just love the first day of school!!? I honestly don’t even know if that is common or normal, but I always loved the first day of school…new clothes…new teachers…new books!!   As a homeschooling mom I’ve worried my children weren’t going to have that “first day of school” experience. We are entering year 3 of pursuing home education Charlotte Mason style. So in honor of keeping it lovely and calm I decided to start the morning and year off with Tea Time. If tea time is something you have always wanted to incorporate I…

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Sundays Simple Homemaker: A Link-Up

Welcome to the link-up! I’m so glad you could drop by and check out all of the yummy recipes and things we’re sharing! Don’t forget, we’ve got three hosts now – Ashleigh, Tammy and myself are all three working together to grow the link-up and make it better than ever! Now on to this week’s verse:    Regardless of circumstances, God’s love is with you every moment of every day!!  When the littles are in tears and you want to pull your hair out, you can tap into the love from the Creator of the Universe!! Deep breath!!  Sigh of relief……

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3 Reasons I don’t go to the Nail Salon to Get My Nails Done

It was Mother’s day 2 years ago when I took my own dear mother to get a mani/pedi. I had a nursing baby I had to get back to quickly and getting away from the house was a challenge. My mom and I had an excellent time. We chatted and sat there as women scrubbed and polished our feet and hands. I paid the bill and tipped our manicurists. Almost $200 later, I walked out of the salon justifying the cost with ideas of quality time and pretty feet. After all… This was a treat. This was a gift! They…

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Keep on Keepin’ On!! | Sunday Simple Homemaker Link Up | Happy Sunday!

Here is a tiny bit of encouragement for you ladies this up coming week! This is not our home, dear friends!!   Keep on keepin’ on!! I remember a time, I just started weeping in the shower with my husband. As he stood there, at a loss, I confessed I was just so tired of waiting for my rewards in heaven. In this life we can feel like we don’t get anything for doing the right thing.  Over and over we might walk in obedience only to have those we love continue to sin against us. Even just the everyday…

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