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Insanity- Day 2

Insanity-Day 2 Plyometric Cardio Circuit Wow! That was INTENSE! This is my favorite type of workout. It’s meant for an athlete. All the drills reminded me of “Hell Week” in high school sports. If you ever played sports in high school you might remember suicides and high knees. So does Shawn T. the trainer in the video Shawn T. rivaled in 41 minutes (including warm up and cool down) what most high school coaches made their athletes do in a week. OK, I’m sure I’m exaggerating a bit, but it really felt  bad an hour ago in the middle of…

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Insanity Day 1- Fit Test

I’M GOING TO LOVE THESE WORKOUTS!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!! There will be no boredom or getting used to these. At some point I will probably want to quit or die or throw up but hey that is a sign of a great workout right!!?!?!  Ha! Sitting down at the computer I realize its 7:15am and I’ve just finished my first real workout in months. My little Shiloh is 2 months old and since she has been born the only real exercise I have done is walking…pushing a triple jogger up hills…but walking nonetheless. My husband set up the garage as…

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Cereal Bars Day 5

  Sometimes I think more highly of my skills than I ought. Today was definitely one of those days. Though I have never made granola or cereal bars I heard they were super simple to make and I glanced at a couple recipes for ingredients and then decided to whip up something on my own. I failed. Apparently if you are going to use dried fruit its generally blended and used as binding material. Ooops! I thought using Agave nectar and maple syrup would be enough to bind everything together. Some recipes baked their granola and some cooled it in…

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Grocery List- Day 3

  The Grocery List Since I cleaned out my pantry my cupboards are looking very bare. Though it’s not necessary to practice Vegan, we are cutting out white flour and white sugar too. I will be experimenting with almond and wheat flour. It will also be interesting to see if substituting Agave Nectar and/or raw cane sugar will work in recipes. After changing my mindset and emptying my cupboards I researched some recipes and compiled a list of things I would need to make some basic (ha!) dishes.  Produce Blackberries, bananas, apples, blueberries, spinach, bell peppers, radishes, cilantro, sprouts, lettuce,…

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The Pantry- Day 2

  The Pantry In preparation for attempting to eat vegan for the next 60 days, I cleaned out the cupboards. Our family is also eliminating most processed foods, white flour and white sugar. I’m still up in the air as whether to give up brown sugar. What is the scoop on it? I’m sure it’s bad for us too since I love it in my oats!!  Embarrassed as I am to admit this, our cupboards and refrigerator were down to almost nothing when I emptied them of all meat, dairy and processed food. I also threw away some rotten lettuce…

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Trying the Vegan Thing

A 60 Day Vegan Trial: The idea Let me start by saying, we love bacon in our house. Going vegan was never a thought in my mind. One of our favorite after meal sayings is “you know, the only thing that could have made that better?”  “BACON!” we all yell. This isn’t the way a typical vegan article begins. So you can better understand who I am and what a strange lifestyle change this would be for my family it’s important to me I continue. My husband is healthy. He’s lean, quick and athletic. He is also the kind of…

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