Be a Better Wife Wednesday | 40 Days of Prayer | My Husband’s Work and/or Job

Be a better wife wednesday


My husband gets up before the sun to leave for work. He works a 72 hour work week and then joyfully comes home to spend time with his family. He still mows the lawn, takes out the trash and prayers over his children.  God uses him to provide for our family. The money from his job pays for our home, our food, the clothes on our back.  This fact is not one I ever want to take lightly



18 Prayers for my husband at work:


  1. Be with my husband’s safety at work Lord. Please always protect him and the other firefighters physically when they are on scene. Protect them emotionally by letting them talk about the things they see and not hold in any upset.  Show Yourself in all the tragedy. May You use life an death to make these men ask the difficult questions about You, heaven and hell.

  2. May the Christian men at my husband’s department stand firm in their resolve to serve You. Give them the courage to have integrity, to guard their eyes, mouths and thoughts. Give them opportunity to show themselves different. Give them boldness.  I pray all sin would be called sin and would not be glorified on any level. Guard the marriages of all the men in his department. Let the husbands be leaders in their homes. Bind the couples in unity even though they spend so much time apart.  Give the wives security for when their husbands are away. Give their children security knowing their fathers are out saving people’s lives.

  3. Help these men to pray.  There is so much crisis, so much opportunity to pray. I pray my husband would say quiet prayers for the people he sees and their family members. Give my love an eternal perspective at work. Let him see everyone in the terms of a lost or saved soul.  Give him wisdom to know when to speak and when to be quiet and give him TONS of opportunities to pray for others and give You glory.

  4. May my husband always be a man of integrity.  Give him the conviction to remember You are ALWAYS with him.  May he ONLY seek to please You and not worry about what others think of him. Help him to make time to read his bible.  Let him get up early and give You his days, even when they are not started at home.  Remind him to pray for his co-workers.

  5. Help him to be good at his job. May he work harder and stronger knowing he is serving our Most High God. 

  6. Let people notice him as different, but don’t let him see them take notice.

  7. Encourage him and strengthen him especially over these next 8 days where he will be working so much.

  8. It’s his desire to be in Your perfect will, but I know he wants to promote and/or become a paramedic. Let him be sure of what You have for him. Help him to focus on what You want him to focus on and never to be caught up in office politics. 

  9. May he always see the fire service through Your eyes and put Your standards and principles above whatever the unions or fire service may be supporting. 

  10. Let him always be honorable in his thoughts, words and deeds, for Your glory and not to impress people.

  11. Help him to be humble even when he is the best at something.

  12. Give him the desire to put others first, even when he is tired.

  13. Be glorified through him at work. 

  14. Guard his heart from any adulterous thoughts or actions. Let him never speak negatively about me or the kids.  Guard him from temptation with any women at work and let him always strive to honor You, our marriage and our family.   

  15. He takes on many tasks at work outside his normal duties. Give him wisdom and diligence to  do what he says he is going to do and not to take on more than You would have him.

  16. Give him fulfillment and contentment in his work.

  17. Protect his body and let physical fitness only be as important as it needs to be. 

  18. Please let him always give You the glory for all the work he does.


    May you take the time to pray for your husband while he is at work today. I’m praying the Lord will bring to our minds specific ways our husbands need prayer and encouragement at their jobs.


    Happy Wednesday!! Be a better wife today than yesterday!!!


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    2 thoughts on “Be a Better Wife Wednesday | 40 Days of Prayer | My Husband’s Work and/or Job

    1. As I was reading these prayers, I almost thought I was reading Proverbs! These prayers came from your heart, and I am more blessed than I can tell you, as I read them. May the Lord bless you and your husband, and may he be “known at the city gates” as his wife stands beside him in full support. And, may your day be made complete with the LOVE of Jesus reigning in your heart!

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