10 Reasons The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace will Change Your Life



There was a time in my marriage when I hated being a wife. Honestly, I hated my life!

With the most compassionate parts of me I understood how people ended up divorced.

I asked myself the same questions I hear women ask all the time:

“Doesn’t God want me to be happy?”

“Don’t I deserve to be happy?”

“Will I really have to live in misery the rest of my life?”

and even worse some days.

The answer to all of them is “nope” by the way!! 🙂

Thankfully I’ve been under good, strong biblical teaching for YEARS, so I was prepared for the trials and unhappiness, but there were tools God used to help change my mindset on marriage to a more Christ, and less me centered mindset that would eventually bring daily joy into my life regardless of circumstance particularly where my relationship with my husband was.

If you have ever come to me with your marriage problems you know the very first book I recommend to any married woman is the Excellent Wife and not because the problem may not lay with her husband, but because the place to start is ALWAYS with ourselves.
1. You can become the wife God is calling you to be.
2. You will get your mind right about submission as a godly wife.  Dispel those lies and focus on truth!
3. You will be encouraged by remembering you are already WELL equipped to do all you are called to do as a wife.
4. Your role as a wife will be clearly outlined for you.
5. Your focus on God and your relationship with Him will become priority over your relationship with your husband.
6. Wise counsel will give you more wisdom
7. You will know what the Bible says about your role as a wife and be able to better discern bad advice you receive.
8. You will learn how to establish good habits for being a solid biblical wife.
9. Learn to live joyfully as a gospel (not self) centered wife.
10. How to look to Christ for fulfillment and not look to feel appreciated by your husband.
Practical do’s and don’t’s for a godly wife. Sometimes I like knowing EXACTLY what to do and not do based on what the Bible says…I prefer the “do’s” actually!!

This is the MOST encouraging, practical and biblical book on being a wife I’ve ever read…AND I HAVE READ SO MANY!!

If you know you need this, and buy it through my link, our family will get a tiny affiliate payment for the recommendation! It helps with all the costs of my little ministry so much!!


Need the help?

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