10 Signs You are Normal (Just Like the Rest of Us in Motherhood)



Every now and then when several of my 7 children and I are piled on the floor crying over the frustrations of the moment, I wonder, is this normal?
I’ve never felt it necessary to fit into a mold or look to others for acceptance, but in this role of motherhood and even sometimes as a wife I have wondered if other women have the same struggles.
I’ve asked the question.
You’ve asked the question.
Is this normal?
You are having a conversation with a friend over coffee and you are just catching up on life and as they share the struggle or prayer request for, I don’t know, let’s saying, yelling at their children, you exhale a great sigh of relief at the knowledge you are not the only one who struggles in this area of life. For some reason, even those of us who don’t often think about what other people think about us or really even care about being “normal” feel a deep sense of comradery and relief knowing we are not alone in the world.
When you look up the definition of the world normal online you will find the word can be used as both an adjective (remember that’s a describing word) and a noun (you remember…person, place or thing)
The first would be used in a way to describe you were conforming to a certain standard and the latter would be used more like the term average.  As I read the definitions, I realized I had no desire to really be normal, but more desire extraordinary living as I walk in abundant life.
So, as I use the word normal for the rest of this post I will be using the word to refer to the idea that you are not alone in feeling, acting or thinking in a specific way.


Basically here are 10 areas all us moms are on the same page.


10 Signs you are normal:


  1. You are tired. ALL.THE.TIME.

  2. You have left the house knowing good and well you have stains on your shirt.

  3. You feel overwhelmed sometimes.

  4. You’ve been caught up with worrying.

  5. You’ve felt lonely with other people in the room.

  6. You want to be better.

  7. You want to stop yelling.

  8. Not every meal you make tastes great.

  9. You have no idea how to handle certain situations.

  10. You miss your pre-parenting life.

In one way or another we have all been there and/or are still there.  Choose joy.  Watch this video for a good laugh and remember you are not alone!!


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Have a great week ladies!




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