10 Tuesday | 10 Blogs/Websites Worth Visiting

10 tuesday 10 websites worth visiting 


Along with Many Little Blessings (Our Tuesday link up) and The Mom I Want to Be… these are some of my favorite resources online. I go to them regularly to find tips and encouragement.



  1. Lovely with a Side of Terrible: This is a personal blog by an exceptional writer who is a breast cancer survivor. This blog gives perspective, refreshment and humor in the midst of chaotic life. This post is a good place to start.

  2. Confessions of a Homeschooler: A very practical blog from an experienced home school mom and blogger.  She is a great resources for any homeschooling mom, but also posts monthly meal planning and other valuable tools. She gives a ton of free bees too!

  3. Women Living Well Ministries:  A great resource for Christian women. This blog is full of encouragement. 

  4. ChrisitianPF.com:  Very practical information about money and stewardship. 

  5. A Holy Experience: This is the personal blog of the woman who wrote One Thousand Gifts. She has great resources and a beautiful and relaxing site.

  6. Money Saving Mom: A great resource for those of us who like to stay on a budget. She also shows you how to get free stuff!!

  7. Relevant:  A fresh e-zine type blog on Christian culture, often with perspectives worth reading.

  8. Keeper of the Home: She has great posts on healthy living, natural cleaners and being frugal.  Its a great blog for any home maker.

  9. To Love Honor and Vacuum: She is funny, practical and a great writer.  Sheila even offers speaker training and writing tips. This site is a great resource for anyone who wants to improve their skills or further their ministry with public speaking.

  10. Unveiled Wife: This site offers great encouragement and resources for wives. 



Hope you enjoy these amazing people and their online ministries. 

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