10 Tuesday | 10 Changes for Better Parenting

10 tuesdday 10 changes for better parenting



1.  Turn off the TV:

I’m not saying you have to live television free, but let your children learn to occupy themselves and not be entertained every moment of the day.

2.  Get off the computer:

Engage with your children as much of the day as possible.  Save your social media time for designated periods of time in the day or just wait until the children are sleeping to do all your web surfing.

3.  Sit down and eat with your kids:

When my husband isn’t home, it is so easy to sit the children down for a meal and then use my time for “productive” things. The calm time of fellowship with my children is lost when I don’t take a moment and sit down at the table with them to converse. 

4.  Get Outside:

Letting our children learn about and enjoy nature is such a joy.  Kids can run, play, be loud and get dirty and that should be a part of every person’s childhood.

5.  Read to them:

My children are little, so they love to be read to, but I even look forward to family reading time after dinner as the children get older with chapter books and classics. 

6.  Give them days with no electronic toys:

Video games and electronic toys, in my opinion, often numb creativity. Give your children a change to have creative play and other educational activities besides with electronics.  Plus you can save a little money on batteries.  🙂

7.  Get off your phone:

When we are at the park, in our yard, or even at home and we are constantly checking our phone and/or using our phone like a computer we are showing our children where our priorities really are, and its not with them.

8.  Wake up before them:

Take a few moments to equip yourself for the day.  Read your Bible, have a cup of coffee and get a few started with your day.  Let your children wake up to a happy momma and not a crabby-still in bed-you woke me up-momma.

9. Read your Bible (both to them and for yourself):

This is the best way to ready yourself for the day.  Only God’s Word will resonate in your soul and transform your mind. 

10.  Say “yes” more:

Looking for opportunities to say yes to your children can really change their behavior. Sometimes we are genuinely exasperating them with all our “no, no” business. Give them a little freedom.  Let them play. Let them help.



Some of the choices on this list I’m better at than others. We don’t struggle with the TV in our home, or video games but some days getting off the computer is difficult. I love reading to my children, but I often tell them “no” about things where “yes” would merely be inconvenient for me, but not detrimental to my children at all.


Happy Parenting!! Enjoy the blessing of your children! 


How did you do on the list? Are there others ideas you implement that can benefit us?  Let us know!!

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Nickole Perry
Hi! I’m Nickole (note the spelling. my mother did that.) I’m a domestically challenged wiper of bottoms and noses! I’m a coffee drinking, bacon eating mama who loves Jesus and has been pregnant or nursing (sometimes both) for the last 9 years!

4 replies on “10 Tuesday | 10 Changes for Better Parenting

  1. I love this list. I too am better at some than others. I think one of the most important ones is to listen. When they have something to say stop and listen to them. Don’t try to rush them through what they are telling you. Give them your full attention. The other one I think is super important is to treat them like they are people. Talk to them like they are people, don’t dumb down what you are saying for their benefit. Many are surprised by just how much children understand.

    • You are right! Children are so smart. They are picking up on everything we say and do and then we try to, like you mentioned, “dumb it down” for them. It really is unnecessary. I heard a really great little quote recently, something like; “listen to your children now when they come to you with unimportant things so later they will know they can come to you with the important things.” It really touched my heart. When we take the time to listen our children are speaking the most precious words!!

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