10 Tuesday | 10 Simple and Healthy Choices You Can Easily Make For Your Family

10 tuesday 10 simple healthy choices


Life gets so busy and full of fun activities. I notice when we are in our normal routine eating healthier is more prevalent and definitely easier because of planning. There are so many healthy choices we can make that don’t take much effort on our part. Sometimes we forget its the small healthy choices we make daily for our family which have the largest impact.

If you haven’t made these changes in your family yet, they are simple and beneficial.


1. Stop buying juice boxes

Get your children used to drinking water. Juice should be a special treat. 

2. Change snacks to fresh fruit and/veggies:

Skip the crackers and give out carrots or snow peas. It might take them time to get used to, but a hungry child will eat what they are given.

3. Switch to whole grain bread:

White bread should be an occasional purchase.

4. Skip the bread and use wraps every other week:

Children generally love wraps and they are lower calorie and often healthier than most sandwich bread. Read the labels though.  

5. Stop buying Cheez-its:

Maybe it’s not Cheez-its, but try to go a couple weeks not purchasing the junk filled crackers you usually buy. It will help you switch to fruit and veggies for snacks.

6. Switch out your white rice for brown rice:

Brown rice takes longer to cook, so don’t forget to account for the time when preparing dinner.

7.  Add a salad to dinner:

Making a quick salad for your family really only takes a few minutes and it adds to getting your children used to eating vegetables.

8. Make your own salad dressing:

This might be tough at first, especially if you are just getting your children (and possibly husband) to eat vegetables and are using the dressing as incentive, but slowly and occasionally switch out your bottled creamy dressings for homemade vinaigrettes. They are simple to make, fresh and yummy.

9. Skip the meat:

Our culture seems to think meat is the deciding factor on whether something is a meal or not. Try veggie sandwiches for lunch or meatless stir fry for dinner.

10. Get rid of the coffee creamer:

I know, I know. This is an incredibly stressful topic for some of us.  Even switching to half n half and regular sugar is better for you than these coffee creamers though.  Give it a try!!  I don’t buy them anymore, but will still use them occasionally at friends houses, even though I know they are terrible for me. 


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Nickole Perry
Hi! I’m Nickole (note the spelling. my mother did that.) I’m a domestically challenged wiper of bottoms and noses! I’m a coffee drinking, bacon eating mama who loves Jesus and has been pregnant or nursing (sometimes both) for the last 9 years!

5 replies on “10 Tuesday | 10 Simple and Healthy Choices You Can Easily Make For Your Family

  1. these are terrific tips, Nikki, and easy too.
    OK, you have convinced me, I’ll try giving up my creamer and try a healthier substitute.
    With a new school year approaching, we’ll be getting our eating habits back on track as well and I’ll be putting some of your ideas into use. Thanks!
    (stopping by from Top 10 Tuesday)

  2. Great hints, in fact I follow pretty much all of them except for number 10. But I am limiting myself now to one coffee per day. I have also for the most part given up refined sugar and use raw sugar or honey instead. I will emphasize that is for the most part. I occasionally treat myself and of course love my morning coffee with that fattening creamer. 🙂

  3. I’ve been working on including more fruits and vegetables to our day. we planted a garden with our kids this year and they have been much more willing to try the produce from our own garden. And have even decided some things are pretty tasty, like the green beans! We’ll have to work on some of these other ones, too.

    • Gardens are so great for getting kids to like fresh veggies. When didn’t get a garden in this year, but the last few years the kids were cracking me up eating raw squash and tomatoes right off the plant. As a matter of fact, our neighbor gave us a bag of vine ripe tomatoes from her garden today and my kids started eating them like apples!! We never had enough peas or snow peas to cook either because the kids always ate them first. Letting them help with cooking I’ve noticed makes them more eager to eat the veggies you’ve added too!!

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