10 Ways to Change Your Bad Attitude

10 ways to change your bad attitude


We all have those days when we just can’t seem to shake our bad attitudes.

Sometimes we wake up crabby. (I did today!)

Occasionally, (or often) our children get the better of us with their bad attitudes. 

Any way you look at it we need big time attitude adjustments some days.  Changing our bad attitudes can be so difficult.

Here are some practical ways, I hope help!!


10 Ways to change your bad attitude during the day:


  1. Get outside:

    Fresh air generally alleviates any sort of stress.  This is also a great way to distract the children and let them get out some pent up energy.

  2. Repeat a good Bible verse:

    I like “Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.” Psalm 95:2  Just Google “joy scriptures.”

  3. Take a moment and hug the children:

    When they are driving us nuts, it always helps to stop and give some physical affection. 

  4. 10 minute tidy:

    Set the timer for 10 minutes and have everyone clean up.  Just having things in their place can help alleviate a bad mood.

  5. Turn on worship music:

      This really gets the focus off our circumstances!!!

  6. Bake something:

    An afternoon treat will be something everyone can look forward too and the yummy smells of cookies baking always puts people in a good mood.

  7. Sit down for a story time:

      Settle everyone down by gathering them up and telling them a story.  If your children are already out of the house, sit down and read a little of a book yourself.

  8. Stop and pray for someone else:

    Often times our life circumstances are really great and we know people who are going through genuine struggles. Remember that and taking the time to pray for them gives perspective, humbling and attitude change.

  9. Make a quick list of 10 things you are grateful to have:

      Bad attitudes stem from a bad thought life. Get your mind right and focus on what you are thankful to have in your life!!!

  10. Be Productive:

      Take a few minutes and do ANYTHING  moderately productive.  This always makes me feel a little better about my day. 


What did I miss!?!? Please comment with what you do to change your attitude during the day.


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Nickole Perry
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