12 Days of Christmas: Supporting Local Moms

collage finalAs it’s December already and the Christmas season seems to be officially upon us, (whether we are ready or not, mind you) we think quite a bit about giving and the way we give.  This month I’m so excited to tell you The Mom I Want to Be is going to do some serious giving too!!!

This month as we do our series, (that’s right!, more than one) of giveaways, I will ask you to consider supporting small businesses this year!!  Over the next 12 days I’m going to give away products from mommies who would love some of your holiday business. They are women who work hard in, and some out of their homes, to help with family expenses or little extras they wouldn’t normally afford!!

Over the next 12 Days we will have giveaways from consultants with…

Here are 7 Reasons you should support these ladies this holiday season!!

  1. They LOVE the product they sell!!:  For you this means you are getting a quality product you can be confidant real people use and love
  2. You will guest first class customer service!:  When you work with a small business you always get great customer service.
  3. You are supporting a mom, just like you!
  4. You are supporting a hard worker!
  5. For many of these women their at home business helps them be able to stay home with their children.
  6. Buying from these women helps them pay for Christmas for their families.
  7. You are directly contributing to a local economy and directly helping a family.

Tomorrow the Giveaways begin!! Be sure to LIKE us on FACEBOOK to stay caught up on all the details!!!





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