Be A Better Mom Monday |3 Activities to Entertain your 4/5 year old Girls this Summer


3-summer-activitiesSummer is upon us and I’m hearing a ton of moms stressed out about how to spend all the minutes of the day. There are just some days when you don’t want to pack them up and take them out, and you already feel guilty for the amount of TV you’ve been letting them watch.
Here are my favorite activities for my 4 and 5 year old daughters these days!!
Pattern blocks: We already have these on hand for math concepts during the school year, so my older ones don’t get really excited about them (though they still sit and play with them) like the girls do. If you have these, buy some new cards for the blocks to keep things interesting. If you don’t have a set already, this Melissa and Doug set looks fun!! I love their stuff. We have this one like this and it does the job.
Memory: In full disclosure, I recently played this game with 4 of my children and by the end I wanted to jump off a very high bridge (into water of course), so there is that to consider. Seriously though, this game is a classic because it’s awesome. It might make you feel old because you will suck at it, but your littles will love this one! My 4 and 5 year old can ALMOST play it together without killing each other too! We are using it to work on cultivating better sibling relationships. LOL! Great job Memory! Oh and I almost forgot, they make this in basically every character/theme you can think of besides the original version. My girls have the Frozen one and they spend 5 seconds after every flip imitating the scene or voice from the movie. I KNOW this also sounds like a reason NOT to buy this game, but it’s cute if you can just enjoy it.

Decorate your own bracelets kit: These were a gift and we only received the package of bracelets, but it was awesome!! The girls didn’t need any assistance, spend a fair amount of time working on them and then went on to play dress up with them. Big score in my book!! It’s like hitting the trifecta of DIY for girls!! A gift, no assistance needed, played with it after they made it!! Win!

Hope these give you a little break one crazy afternoon or a few quiet minutes to get dinner on the table!! Enjoy those tiny ones!!  I don’t know about yours, but mine are growing up WAY too fast!!

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