A letter to lonely wives graphic...Dear lonely wives,

My heart is heavy for you.


I’ve been where you are, sitting alone not understanding how I could feel so alone surrounded by so many humans. (I have a husband and 6 children remember!)

You are vulnerable.

You are heartbroken.

You are lonely.

I want you to know:

  • I understand where you are!
  • I’m so sorry you are going through this!
  • There is hope!

Please hear me, lovingly give you some important information…crucial information, you may need. 

There are 3 lies the enemy wants you to believe.


1. You will not be miserable forever: Leaving is not going to make you feel better! God’s desire is for you to be in a holy, loving marriage where you and your husband reflect the love of Christ and His bride. 
2. You can change your marriage: So often we think there is nothing we can do, but we can pray, change our attitudes and show love in action. 
3. Your husband is NOT your enemy: You do have an enemy fighting to tear you and your husband apart. Do not let “divide and conquer” be the tactic Satan uses to bring you down. Stand on a united front with your husband!


There are 2 areas YOU MUST CHECK YOUR HEART.

1. Have you made your husband an idol?


It is not your husband’s job to be your constant source of happiness. The Lord is supposed to be that for you!! When you are bitter or angry because your husband is failing, you are putting too much stake in what he is to you. Encourage, build up and pray for the man you committed to help through this life.

2. Are you being selfish/and or ungrateful?


Remember when you knew it wasn’t all about you? Well, guess what? It still isn’t!!! There are good qualities and attributes about your husband and you need to tell yourself they are good. Be thankful and stop thinking about what you should be getting out of your marriage. 

There is 1 place you HAVE TO KEEP YOURS EYES.

JESUS (THE GOSPEL) Can I really it give it to you straight? I mean, really? This is tough to hear sometimes, but it’s the truth.

You deserve hell.

You don’t deserve any of the blessings you have.

Be thankful!

Remember your own sin.

Read Matthew 18:21-35


All my love and friendship,
A formally lonely wife

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