4 Ways to Help Your Pregnant Wife (All wives will love these though!)

4 Simple ways to help your pregnant wifeDiscussing pregnancy with a couple man friends yesterday was pretty hilarious. It seems our cravings and crabbiness isn’t always (or ever, actually) as cute as we think it is.  That first (and last) trimester is tough and though we are always sympathetic to the women in our lives we often forget all we put our husbands through during our difficult times of pregnancy.

Let me say, I don’t believe it’s a husband’s responsibility to make his wife, pregnant or otherwise, happy but there are some things he can do, should he choose that will bless his wife tremendously during her most difficult points in her pregnancy.

Before I get into a few simple ways you can help your wife let me give you a couple questions you can ask her…

Questions to ask:

  • What can do for you?
  • Does anything sound good to eat? (Be sure you make it or go get it for her!)

ON AN IMPORTANT SIDENOTE:  DON’T ASK YOUR WIFE HOW SHE IS DOING WHEN SHE FEELS SICK OR TIRED ALL THE TIME.  She is feeling sick and tired ALL THE TIME.   Stick to “What can I do for you?”  We don’t want to complain, but we don’t want to say “fine” or “good” when we feel like junk all the time.

Things to do:

  1. Clean up: Maybe you don’t like to clean or it’s not normally your responsibility in the home. Set a timer for 10 minutes, pick a room and tidy it up or give it a quick cleaning to the bathroom.   Even just cleaning off the counters in the kitchen or picking up the living room can really  be a huge help.
  2. Play with the children (if applicable): Take them outside or to a park.  Give your wife the opportunity to have the house to herself.  Give her the freedom to nap or pick up a book, but just a little time with no responsibilities is such a blessing.
  3. Tell her to sit down and rest: If she was in the middle of something, take over. Just get her off her feet. She will feel so loved!!
  4. Make a meal:  If your wife is a SAHM, this is especially helpful. Making 3 meals a day everyday and snacks is exhausting. It’s always safe to make what she normally makes, but of course resort back to question #2 for the best results!!  😉


Well, man of a pregnant wife, I hope this helps.  Your wife loves you and wants to feel loved by you.  It’s a great opportunity to work on your consideration for others and showing love to your wife.

If you are a wife reading this feel free to share it with your husband with love!!   If you have something else you’d love to have your husband do or say when you are pregnant, please post it in the comments so they can see!!!

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