40 Days of Prayer | Day 14: 14 Ways to Pray for Christian Men

In general, Christians are failing. We are as dark as the world and its crushing the witness of our beautiful and righteous Savior. We need to not only be praying for our husbands, but for Christian men. We live in an odd culture for Christianity. Where admonishment, fellowship and edification are foundational biblical principles in our faith, the men, who are supposed to be leading our families are closed off from each other in many ways.

Perhaps it’s to skeptical to say we are failing, but the need for prayer is eminent.


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My Personal Prayers for Christian Men Include:


  1. Integrity and transparency among our Christian men

  2. Genuine relationships where true accountability is established

  3. The desire to guard and protect their marriages

  4. An abhorrence to pornography and the industry

  5. To treat older women as their mothers and younger women with the purity they would their sisters

  6. To seek forgiveness from any sexual sin and seek to embrace God’s purpose for sex in their lives whether married or waiting

  7. To embrace who they were created to be with reverent fear of God

  8. Diligence in their faith

  9. To stand for truth and righteousness

  10. Not to participate in crude joking or perverseness of any kind.

  11. Learn how to be godly husbands and fathers (even if they aren’t yet)

  12. Have godly standards for right and wrong

  13. Act vastly different from the non-believing men in this world

  14. leading more, teaching more, praying more

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