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My children are captivated.  The silence and motionlessness confirms any doubt I had about whether this book was a good, “living” book.  As they strain to hear every word, they see me, their mother, pacing the living room in excitement, baby strapped to me, enjoying our literature just as much as they are.


This, my friends, is Charlotte Mason Education.


Racing from our car…er…I mean huge white van, my children dash into the trees. They know this trail and their boundaries.  I’m walking as I strap my 4 month old to my body to catch up to their excitement. They are yelling the names of plants they know and remembering the day we harvested mistletoe. We walk, look for bugs and spiders and enjoy the fresh air. They aren’t fighting (thank goodness!) and they are looking for new parts of nature to explore.

This, my friends, is Charlotte Mason Education.

Drawings of birds, practicing handwriting from great literature, read alouds that enthrall the entire family.

Yes, you may have guessed, Charlotte Mason Education.

Math and Habit training through stories and fables…

Shakespeare, Composers, Artists and Foreign Language….

A home filled with books, great literature to be exact, and tea time in the afternoons.


It’s not perfect, but it is a Charlotte Mason education.

Creating an environment where children love to learn, read and draw is the goal. The retell their favorite parts of stories and much of school can be accomplished with a child or children on my lap.

Sewing. Woodworking. Survival skills (O.K. that’s just an “us” thing).  Saying no to paper crafts.

Every year we strive to get a little closer to where we want to be in our educational process.  Year by year we have more tea time, more nature walks and less “busy work” or curriculums that support such notions.

It’s a process and it’s lovely.  Over the years I’ve found amazing resources to help me better understand the process and educate my children.  I’ve grouped them all here for you…wishing someone had for me years ago!!!

My Favorite Resources for Charlotte Mason Education:

  1. Delectable Education Podcast: This is in my top 2 favorites because you can just listen to a podcast in an area you are struggling in, BUT starting from the beginning and going 1 by 1 through aspects of the philosophy and then subject is also of tremendous help in reconciling concerns and day to day application. This is BY FAR, the best resource I’ve seen for actually listening to people discuss the subject.

2.  A Charlotte Mason Education:This book is amazing at simply giving understanding to each individual subject you may want to teach. In just a few short pages per subject Levinson outlines exactly what to implement in your daily education practices.

3.  For the Children’s Sake: Honestly, if you homeschool, read this.  It’s so encouraging and well written. It’s a joy to read every summer just for the pick-me-up.  I strongly suggest forking up the cash to buy this one yourself because it’s a great read over and over, but at the very least borrow it from a friend.


These are other resources which may be helpful to you. I may have used them once or twice or hear of them often in CM circles, but they just don’t speak to me. That doesn’t mean they won’t speak to you!!!


4.  A Modern Charlotte Mason:  I’m personally interested in trying their morning meeting ebook and I hear their booklists are really good.

5.  A Sabbath Mood Homeschool: This site can be very encouraging, but I do often find myself a little more confused than I’d prefer after I’ve been roaming their website for a while. I wouldn’t recommend it to a newbie homeschooler or CM’er, but there are good finds there!

6.  Simply Charlotte Mason:  We love so much of what they offer that I will have to do another post to elaborate on the aspects we appreciate.  I linked to my favorite outline of subjects. I think this is the most easily understood of all the resources I’ve come across.

7.  Ambleside Online:It’s like an old retired gangster of CM.  It’s respected, all the ones deep in the philosophy know it and it’s a little bit scary at first.   Don’t give up on this old school website though. The content, if you can get past the bad technology, is really of tremendous value!!


Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Please share all the wisdom and value you have to offer in the comments.  Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on FB for all the Live conversations and you can find us on Instagram @themomiwanttobe trying to be funny and encouraging!!


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