7 Tips to Curb Nausea During Pregnancy

7 Tips to Curb Nausea During Pregnancy

I open my eyes and look over at the blurry clock…it’s 2:30am and I’m about to lose my dinner. As I rush to the toilet, I think, “There has to be something to help this!!!”

When I finally stumble out of bed again sometime after the sun comes up, I still feel terrible.  I know there is nothing left in my belly. Nothing sounds good to eat. I feel like I’m going to be sick, but as a woman who has been pregnant most of her  married life, I know it’s a feeling I’m just going to have to deal with.  For some reason I can’t understand why I don’t have better coping mechanisms for this and I get to thinking and do some serious research.

Here are  a few tested tips from this mama of 6…soon to be 7!!!

Tips for pregnant mamas struggling with nausea:

  1. Invest in some quality Peppermint Oil: I keep a roller ball of peppermint oil and unfractionated coconut oil (carrier oil) with me at all times and rub it directly on my belly when I’m feeling nauseous. It has helped me so much during my last 3 pregnancies so much.  My doula sells DoTerra so I use her to make most of my purchases, but I also love Eden’s Garden though I have not specifically used their Lavender or Peppermint. If you have a friend who sells oils support them!!
  2. Take your prenatal vitamins and take them before bed: One of the reasons doctors suspect women can become nauseous is due to lack of certain vitamins or nutrients. Taking your prenatal vitamins can alleviate that problem. Since some women (me included) have a problem with feeling more nauseous after they take their vitamin in the morning, taking them at night with a light snack is really helpful.
  3. Wake up and eat immediately:  Grab a couple crackers or better yet an apple or banana and try to eat it before you get out of bed.
  4. Don’t just jump out of bed in the morning.:  I try to take a few minutes to at least read my bible on my phone, but if you have more time, check your email, Instagram etc.
  5. Eat what sounds good: This one is difficult for me because I want to try to stay super healthy especially if I’m still packing leftover lbs from my last pregnancy, but you really can get through your day a little easier if you eat what you can keep down and most of the time you want something specific.
  6. Sip water throughout the day: It is so important to stay hydrated especially if you are vomiting. Drink water, slowly and continually throughout your day so you aren’t trying to get all your water intake in at night.  Add a couple splashes of gatorade or a squeeze of lemon. Do whatever helps you drink your water!!!
  7. Skip the coffee:  I LOVE coffee. I smell it, I want it, I crave it, HOWEVER, during my 1st Trimester I skip it all together.  Coffee is hard on your belly and caffeine isn’t amazing for your newly growing baby.  Here is a good article on limiting your intake if you aren’t ready to give it up completely.

You should know the entire time I was writing this post I pictured the puking happy face emoji…I spared you from adding to my graphic!! LOL!!  You are WELCOME!!

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