Hi! I’m Nickole (note the spelling. my mother did that.) 

Let’s pretend we are meeting up at a local coffee shop to chat and get to know each other, shall we.   I’ll go first!    I’m a coffee drinking, bacon eating mama who loves Jesus and my has been pregnant or nursing (sometimes both) for the last 9 years!

Here I am…pregnant…as usual!


Raised an only child, I’m a recovering (and some days off the wagon) selfish brat. Birthing 7 children within 11 years of marriage will put you in recovery mode real quick!!

Want to see them? Here you go!

My passion is to help women find purpose, joy and peace in the chaos of everyday life!! Here at my blog I share the general hilarity I call, my life, with a fair amount of  practical life tips to help push you one day closer to being the woman, wife and mom God  wants you to be.

If you are easily offended, or scared of hearing the truth, my life (and possibly this blog) are a place you will not feel comfortable, but we welcome you with open arms in hopes you will know our heart is to make you better, as we  all strive to get one day closer to the mom we dream of being!

If you need a friend, I’m a decent one and would love to get to know you better!!

The goal here at The Mom I Want to Be is to encourage women in all stages of life and motherhood.  We desire to provide biblical resources and counsel to help women transform into the women, wives and mothers God intends them to be.

Our mission is to move all women from the false mindset the world offers about being a wife and mom toward a mindset of joy and love about the season God has them living.

The women (we host other Christian mommy bloggers from time to time!) here at The Mom I Want to Be want to help you be the best woman, wife and mother you possibly can. We know this high goal can only be accomplished through God’s grace and His Word so it’s our desire to offer biblical wisdom and practical tips with some much needed humor to help make life run a little more smoothly.

My greatest hope is that our God would use my 2 biblical counseling certifications, years of study and life application in His Word and my deep love for people to help you find your PURPOSE, PEACE AND JOY in the chaos of everyday life!!

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