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Anxiety and Depression—5 Theories for Solution to this Modern Day Epidemic

So often these days, I see casual posts on social media or hear casual comments about such a serious issue. A dear sister in the Lord, who has experience with overcoming both anxiety and depression, in a biblical way, is sharing her  wisdom and research with us today. Anxiety and Depression—5 theories for Solution to this Modern Day Epidemic Written by Theresa Hemsath As a rather emotional person from birth and now a working mother of three children, I have struggled with anxiety and sometimes, bouts of depression for most of my life. But as I meet more mothers, both…

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10 Tuesday | 10 Ways to Manage Labor Pain Naturally

10 Ways to Manage Pain to have a natural birth Have you ever heard that birth can be pain free?  It is true!  But more often you probably hear about how painful it can be.   For some reason people love to tell pregnant women horror stories about birth.  That is a shame because horror stories promote fear and fear is the number one contributor to pain in childbirth.  Choose to tune out negative stories and instead think positively and you will be on your way to a less painful childbirth.  Prepare for birth by inviting a team of care providers…

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