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Be a better mom monday


Today I was blessed to be able to take all 4 of my children to the zoo.  While they enjoyed the elephants, rhinos and giraffes, they were just as memorized by the beetle their uncle found, the crows picking up left over french fries and the statues, mere replicas of the live animals often right in front of them.

This was fascinating, and though for moments I was frustrated with their “lack of seeing the big picture” in the end I chose to enjoy the zoo through their eyes.  EVERTYHING was precious, new and spectacular…and so I noticed too, when I saw the world on their level.  

We had awful moments of meltdowns from children with no naps. We had challenging parts of the day, but in the end…

  • I watched my precious one year old make shrieking noises over the turtle swimming right in front of her tiny face.

  • I remembered how much my oldest loves birds and takes the time to notice and look for them.

  • I realized my little 4 year old Noah’s favorite  animal is a crocodile.

  • I watched my precious 2 year old daughter LOVE a “mama” lion.  She went back and forth from the “daddy” to the “mama” and lovingly stared.

  • I remembered my kids are  pretty well behaved for children their age.

  • I rejoiced over a day out with no “accidents”.


    • I put 4 sleeping, exhausted, satisfied children in their beds by 8pm.


        I don’t know that I was necessarily a better mom today.  I spent too much time managing behavior and not enjoying the moments, but it was a good reminder. 

        Enjoy your children.

        Every moment of every day I want to enjoy my children because I know this time is fleeting. 

        It’s all going by so fast.  The newness of zoo’s and wild animals will soon fade away and I will only be left with the memories…and so will they…may they remember joy and not yelling.


        I’m exhausted. Most of my day is a blur looking back, but in the end it was a perfect kind of day. 


        Enjoy your children, even when it seems impossible, enjoy those precious ones God gave you.


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