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bbww let it go



I’ve heard it said, the best marriages are ones who have 2 good “forgivers”. 

I bet it’s true too!!

Marriage is better when you just let it go.

My husband likes to remind me how flawed he is. He always wants me to remember he is a sinner and will fail me.  Being he is the best man I’ve ever known, I struggle with remembering those truths on occasion. Anyone who has been in a relationship more than a few hours can tell you their partner isn’t perfect. We say things like “they are perfect for us.” or “she’s not perfect, but I love her.” What I notice is though, if we really remembered our spouses weren’t perfect, we wouldn’t be so disappointed or angry when they fail us, in big or small areas. 


When my husband is selfish or inconsiderate, I wouldn’t sit and cry over his actions, but I would remember he isn’t perfect and focus on all the wonderful qualities he has.


I would just let it go. 


The truth is, this is less difficult to do with “small” issues.  We can overlook a few slights, but when slights become patterns of behavior in our mind, we get crabby….well, I do, but I’m sure you are a better woman than me!!!  

Let it go!

  • If your husband is inconsiderate or thoughtless, let it go. 
  • If you expected a certain behavior and it didn’t happen, let it go.
  • If you really really want your husband to stop doing that annoying pet peeve of yours, let it go!!
  • If there is anger, bitterness or unforgiveness over betrayal or deceit, Let it go!!


Give all the junk up to God and walk in a way worthy of our calling!!!  We don’t need to think about, talk about or hold on to anything!!!  I know, we are often told the many ways we need to justify our feelings, but just let it go!!!


Try it!!


I’d venture to guess, your husband and your marriage will benefit. 


Let us know how it goes!  🙂



Nickole Perry
Hi! I’m Nickole (note the spelling. my mother did that.) I’m a domestically challenged wiper of bottoms and noses! I’m a coffee drinking, bacon eating mama who loves Jesus and has been pregnant or nursing (sometimes both) for the last 9 years!

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