Beautiful Jewelry with a Purpose |Noonday | A Review

ultimate-christmas-giveaway-and-reviews-noonday-2noondayI’m going to shower  you with beautiful pictures,tell you how rad this company is and then tell you how to get your hands on these beauties!!

You may have seen a few of these lovelies in my Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide.  They are beautiful!!





noonday-earrings-afloatnoonday-necklace-78 noonday-collage-2noonday-collagewhirlpool-necklace-giveaway-itemThis one is the one ^^^^ in our giveaway this month! I’m really excited for one you blessed mamas!! This beauty sold out the weekend after Thanksgiving!!!! noonday-fringe-pinknoonday-my-earrings


This last pair  ^^^ I actually own!!  Aren’t they so dreamy! 

So you can see the jewelry is beautiful (as promised) now let me share with you why it’s different and why I appreciate this company.

  • They are part of the Fair Trade Federation:  Basically, they are an organization committed to North American businesses utilizing high standards when working overseas, in an effort to relieve world poverty. Check out the website. It appears to be a pretty stellar organization. 


  • The pieces are unique: Those earrings I  told you earlier I had, you can’t get those anymore. Once they’ve sold out of the pieces, you don’t see them again.  I love that!! You aren’t going to run into too many people (if any) who will be sporting your accessories.  


  • Handmade: People in other countries who would otherwise be impoverished are making this jewelry! They are talented artisans creating these pieces by hand. 


  • They support adoptive families:10% of all their Trunk Shows go toward supporting adoptive families!  Let’s put that into perspective…EVERY woman who sells this jewelry, they call them “ambassadors” is helping adoptive families too!!  


Want to see more? Here you go!!  

This is a perfect gift for any lady in your life….friend, MIL, sisters!!!   Happy Shopping

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