Be A Better Mom Monday | A Message for Homeschooling Moms |25 Reasons to be excited you home educate!!

25 reasons to be excited you homeschoolAs I scrolled through my FB feed this weekend I noticed many posts from moms in preparation for the new school year. These moms were prepping lunches, laying out new clothes and feeling bittersweet about sending their little ones off to school for another year of education.

It’s a mixed bag of feelings when you read the posts, isn’t it?

Maybe there is still a tinge of jealousy for these moms who are going to get the day off and have already made their children’s lunch for the day!

I know I still had a little, though I’m not proud of it.

Mostly though, I was excited for my relationship with my children and the school year we have planned in our home.

I found myself, just this weekend, telling someone homeschooling was like marriage; you just commit and keep going. Sometimes it’s awful and you are all in a pile on the floor crying, but you pick yourselves back up off the floor, grab that marker look at the whiteboard wallpaper and move forward!! Tomorrow is always a new day!!

Honestly, I has taken me 3 years to get the hang of this homeschool adventure!! I remember crying to my husband about how my first child was never going to read and really, genuinely wondering if I could be their teacher. Homeschooling has many challenges and it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. The task I hate doing most is marking my kids essays or tests, I did find Grade Cam Paper Grader which has really helped me out though!


Of course we can teach our children!!

God gave them to us to raise and teach!!!

So…this morning…Our first day of week 3 homeschooling…I woke up excited!! (Good for you if you hold out until after labor day. We have a baby coming next month and educate year around.)

So I wanted to encourage you mamas…if you are stressed, jealous, worried or maybe you woke up excited too, here is my list of:

25 Reasons to be excited you homeschool.

  1. You know where your children are at developmentally in school.

  2. You know daily strengths and weaknesses in both character and academics.

  3. Working on character issues can be a priority.

  4. You chose an awesome curriculum.

  5. You get to read out loud.

  6. Your stock of school supplies is amazing to have on hand.

  7. Your children don’t have to rush out of the house every morning.

  8. You can cultivate an atmosphere of productivity and not busyness.

  9. Baking cookies after lunch is always an option.

  10. You can enjoy a little more summer. (Start school after Labor Day, if you want!!)

  11. Getting outside for learning can take up most of your day. (Well, granted I live in southern California, so maybe that’s just me) 🙂

  12. You get to spend extra time on your child’s favorite subjects.

  13. Your student to teacher ratio is amazing!!

  14. Your children are getting a good dose of home economics.

  15. Serving can be incorporated into school. (Thank you notes, making meals and helping others)

  16. You can totally pinch the principles butt!! (We call the hubby the principle in our house…hopefully you do too!! )

  17. TEA TIME!!!

  18. You are building strong relationships with your children

  19. You don’t have to worry about outside influences

  20. Your children are not learning bad words. (Unless you are still letting them slip out!!)


  22. Cultivating sibling relationships is being accomplished.

  23. Your children will sit on your lap longer. (I let them sit on my lap for anything they want to!)

  24. You or your children can sleep in if you need to.

  25. More art, music, foreign language and hands on activity!!!

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