Be A Better Mom Monday | Walk Worthy of the Calling

walk worthyIn just two verses of, what has come to be my absolute favorite chapter of the Bible for wifing and mothering, I’m filled with both conviction and hope, overflowing.


Christianity is a calling, I’ve always known, but over the years it’s been more difficult for me to believe motherhood is a calling too.  Women say it all the time and you want it to be true because it’s your season of life, but some days it seems like you’ve drawn the short end of the stick and missed your “calling” all together.


And aren’t those the lies of the enemy!?


The Bible calls children a blessing and a reward.  The Bible tells us how to live as a Christian, and motherhood for many of us, is included in our walk through life.



It’s Monday.
 At 3:30am I awoke from an awful dream and my hips hurt too badly to fall back asleep.  It’s now 5am and I’m already trying with all diligence not to completely write off this “Monday” as a bust!


Wouldn’t it be nice if, even in what will be a probably pretty exhausted state today, I chose to walk “worthy” of my calling as a believer, wife and mother?




















Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if I did this with lowliness (humility) and gentleness as the verse is encouraging me…no, wait, begging me.


What if today I obeyed my Bible, (your Bible) and I was not only patient, but I bore with my children in love with the goal of keeping the unity of the Spirit with the bond of peace…JUST IN MY HOME!?!?!


Oh my…


I’m so excited to have a Monday like this!!


The Lord will equip me.  He’s given me all I need.


I will choose to obey Him, knowing who I am in Christ.


Perhaps there will be joy…perhaps tears…




The goal is written down and I’m feeling hopeful.


3 Ways We Can Be A Better Mom Today:

  • Be Gentle

  • Walk Worthy

  • Suffer Long


Happy Monday!!

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