Be A Better Wife Wednesday |30 Days of Blessing Your Husband Overview

Ilovemyhusbandchalk_thumb.jpgThis month has been a fun month to be a better wife!!

There are a group of us who are taking Homegrown Mom‘s 30 Day Challenge of Blessing your Husband.

Some days, it REALLY has been a challenge!!!

We are on day 30 and tonight I’m making a special dinner for my husband…I just have to think of what it is going to be and get to the store to buy everything!!  😉

I’ve enjoyed making a few videos throughout this study to encourage my ladies and since I’m going to highly recommend you do this challenge, I thought I’d share a few of the videos with you today.

Forgive my lack of experience in the video format…hopefully they will get better!!  I will continue to update this post as my videos get uploaded onto YouTube, but for now here is a tiny taste of the challenge.  Click here to download the challenge and get started!!

Day 1:The Challenge

Day 2: Act of Service

Days 4, 5 & 6: Go for a walk,  Greeting your husband with a Kiss,  Bake a sweet treat

Day 7: Compliment your husband in front of others

Day 8: Gettin’ Busy…Yes, that kind. (WARNING: Camera is REALLY close to my face)

Day9: Encourage man dates.

Day 10:  Increasing respect for your husband

Day 11: Preparing for your husband



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