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Date NightLife gets BUSY and EXPENSIVE and making time for date nights doesn’t always seem possible, but worse than that, it doesn’t always seem appealing. Tracking down a trustworthy babysitter, finding a night that works and then arranging activities you both like that aren’t going to break the bank is sometimes more than either one of us wants to take on. My husband has a weird schedule too, so it never really works well with other people’s weekend availability.

Over the years we’ve perfected our “on the couch” date nights.   The evening unfolds something like this…

We feed the children some sort of quick substandard dinner like pasta or bean and cheese burritos.

One of us starts the bedtime routine as the other preps our dinner food. For us this usually means throwing together a bagged salad, skewering some shrimp, throwing tots in the oven and seasoning a couple of Ribeyes.

About as soon as the last child is in bed we throw a couple steaks on the grill and pick a movie, if there isn’t already one we’ve been dying to watch. We set up a couple TV trays in front of the couch and maybe pour a glass of wine. As we finish up the details of plating our food and getting everything ready we get excited for the evening. The rest of the day, whatever chaos it held, starts to melt away and we remember we are on the same team and in this for the long haul. It’s always a sweet time as we prepare together. A child comes out from time to time if we forgot to water them, kiss them or talk about deep philosophical issues with them, but we don’t mind as much because we have our eye on the prize!!

We thank God for our time and yummy food  then start our movie with Netflix, Amazon or VidAngel. By this time we can just relax and enjoy good food, good company and hopefully a good movie.

At home dating is WAY cheaper than going out, though you still incur costs.

We probably pay about $30 on food for just us for the meal.  I know that is A TON for eating at home, but we splurge on good steaks and usually seafood.  We do tend to plan a couch date when good meat goes on sale!! If you use redbox or Amazon, you might pay up to $5 for a movie too, so there is that.

BUT…for $35 you get a GREAT meal, and a little bit of side by side time with your hubby.  It’s a good investment and you do save the cost of a nice restaurant, movie tickets and a babysitter.

Now, if we have a gift card and someone offers to babysit, we are out of here pretty darn quick, but since real life is generally upon us, this is what we’ve made work and we love it!!

When we really need some time together we eat dinner first at the table. I light a couple candles and we talk, then we can head to the couch for our movie or play cards if we prefer.

So…may I humbly suggest…






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