Be A Better Wife Wednesday | Love Letters


Love letters

In the middle of the night after several bad dreams, I decided to just get out of bed.  

The house was dark and quiet, my 34 week pregnant body ached.

I sat down at the computer unsettled and pulled up Ephesians 4 on Bible Gateway.  

As a wife and mother, I’ve headed to this chapter many times and tonight was no different.  I was unsettled, restless and anxious. Forcing myself to take my thoughts captive and reminding myself the dreams were not real, I decided to read and pray. 


 As I began  to read the familiar chapter I decided to write down prayers for my husband. 


He’d be up in a couple hours getting ready for his long commute to work. 


He’s a good man and works diligently for our family. 


It’s so easy to get caught up in “all I do” as a SAHM who educates her children.  It’s so easy to want more and feel unappreciated and feel like the sacrifices I make aren’t for much. 


It’s easy to think.. 

“I wish I had a love letter.”

Wouldn’t it be nice…10 years deep in marriage, almost 7 children under my belt to have a tangible reminder in written form of the love my husband has for me. 


And then one of the lessons I try to teach my children came to me. 


Treat others the way you want to be treated.   



I wrote my husband a love letter of the prayers I’d been praying for him from Ephesians 4.


I happened to still be awake when he awoke for the day and when I asked him if he wanted me to slip the card in his backpack, he eagerly grabbed it and said he’d hold on to it himself.

 It seemed he treasured something from his wide awake wife.  


The words didn’t really matter at that moment.

The letter was love and we both knew it. 

He has thanked me twice in 3 days for that letter.

He said he has read it twice and it encourages him to know I’m praying for him. He even called me a good wife, his prize. 

You know, it’s funny.  I didn’t write the letter for his praise.  I really wrote it as more of trying to live out the golden rule principle I’m trying to teach my children. 


If you want a love letter, give one. 

If you want a meal, take one. 

If you want help, offer help to those around you.  

We don’t offer these things up to get things in return, but just to be decent people. This is what we tell our children, but when was the last time you did for someone else what you wanted done for yourself. When was the last time you gave to your husband based on the golden rule and not based off his behavior or your feelings?

Be a better wife today…and tomorrow!!   Please comment below if you want to write a love letter to your husband and let us know how it goes!!


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