Books We Use to Homeschool | An Usborne Review

ultimate-christmas-giveaway-and-reviews-usborne-7Let’s get down to it!! Most of us homeschooling mamas are curriculum/book junkies!!

We want the best books in our home.

We’d love if our children were outside playing or reading a book 90% of the time. 

We have bought some lame, useless books. Books, that like most cartoons these days, leave you feeling less intelligent.  

Finding a book you love that also holds your child’s attention can be a tall order….which brings me to my point…Usborne

Have you heard of them?  

Usborne is an educational company that has a direct sales line of consultants and books.   

What kinds of books do they carry? Well, I’m so glad you asked!!

  • Activity books
  • Sticker books
  • Non fiction
  • Collections
  • Reading Programs

Our family has a few favorites we want to share with you and a generous consultant has offered to add 2 books to the Homeschooling Mom Christmas Giveaway Package!!!



usborne-big-spanishThis book is SO fun!! We use it in our school day about twice a week.The children choose a few words and we try to use those words throughout the day for fun. The book has more spanish words than I have ever seen in a spanish book and it has become a great resource in our home! 


This whole series is really fun! At first,you think, “really? paper airplanes?” But then you see how much fun your children have making them, having contests and occupying themselves and then you are buying them for all the families you know!! Seriously, we bought the original one for 3 different families one year!!






We were looking for a way to gently introduce the children to Shakespeare when we found this.  It has been really fun and has opened up so many opportunities for conversations about tragedy. I love the discussions we have had during and after these readings.  Now, in full disclosure, there are some tough topics here…suicide, ghosts, murder, love…but we have really enjoyed the ability to share with our children our heart on these tough subjects. 





usborne-famous-composersWe study 3 composers a year, but this resource is really fun to be able to look at all the greats at one time. My oldest (almost 9) really enjoys looking through this one and the next one. It opens the door to him asking to listen to certain composers almost every time he picks it up! Priceless!!




We also study three famous artist a year.  Because we have looked at the art from many famous artists, this has been an extremely valuable book to have on hand.  You have the beautiful pictures and the mini biographies of so many great artists. This is a great add to a homeschooler’s library! 






Did you always love geography? I didn’t. I find through teaching the children, my love for  people and probably my age, my love for geography has been ignited. I want that for my children from a way earlier age. In my experience maps and books like this seem to start a fire in them for the world and all it’s inhabitants. From a Christian mom’s perspective, I see this book as one that cultivates a love for learning in a way we hope for in all books.  

Four reasons I recommend Usborne to homeschooling moms:

  1. You are supporting a friend or small business
  2. The books are quality
  3. The company raises literacy awareness
  4. Half price replacement

Objections: Shipping seems high to me, BUT…you can all send everything to a local hostess to save on shipping!

They seem to be really into “monsters”, not scary, monsters but silly ones. BUT…it’s not in all the books, and this really doesn’t bother most people.  To me it, just makes the books seem more “twaddle” than they really are. 

Ashley Jacobson, our aforementioned generous consultant,  has been sweet enough to contribute, not 1 but 2 books to the Homeschooling Mom Christmas Giveaway this year! Don’t forget to show her some FB love and make sure you’ve “liked” our page to stay up on all the, soon to be, giveaway details!! 

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