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Seek and Find |Devotion

* Today we’re reading John 7: 10-24 *   Washed clean by the blood of Jesus… sin… salvation… the gospel… fellowship…body of Christ… repentance… born again… I’m kind of speaking in a covert language right now. Some call it “Christianese.” If you are Christian and/or familiar with the Bible and Christian culture, you understand it. If you’re not, you probably don’t. As with any language disconnect, users have a responsibility to be sensitive that their word choices are appropriate for their audience, to recognize cultural gaps and avoid or translate unfamiliar terms. We Christians should be aware of our language and…

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Be A Better Mom Monday | Life in the Womb

There are few people I meet who restore my faith in what a Christian should be, or better stated what a Christian should represent. There is a mild hypocrisy in many of us; myself included, which makes us stay comfortable in our “Christianity.” Many have a faith not to be inconvenienced with sacrifice or service. Many have a “what’s in it for me?” or “someone else can do it,” type of faith. We don’t stand up for Christ or what He stands for in any way which lends Him much opportunity to be glorified. We don’t share our lives. We…

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Scripture | Anxiety, Prayer, Thanksgiving

      This has become one of my favorite life verses.  Anxiety has no place in Christianity and look, we have the the answers on how to get rid of it.  I really struggle with anxiety when I’m pregnant and no other time. It would be easy to blame my hormones, which I’m sure are factorable, but here is the real answer.   Don’t be anxious. Go to God in prayer. ( I like to pray scripture) Go to God in supplication. (humbly and earnestly) Be thankful. (spend some time just thanking Him for each blessing in your life)…

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40 Days of Prayer | Day 14: 14 Ways to Pray for Christian Men

In general, Christians are failing. We are as dark as the world and its crushing the witness of our beautiful and righteous Savior. We need to not only be praying for our husbands, but for Christian men. We live in an odd culture for Christianity. Where admonishment, fellowship and edification are foundational biblical principles in our faith, the men, who are supposed to be leading our families are closed off from each other in many ways. Perhaps it’s to skeptical to say we are failing, but the need for prayer is eminent.     My Personal Prayers for Christian Men…

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