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It’ didn’t really hit me until our first baseball season.  I looked around at all the mother’s in the bleachers and I realized they hadn’t seen their children all day.  They’d dropped them off at school, picked them up and let them eat a snack in the car on the way to the ballpark.  They looked at me like I was a crazy person with all my children and homeschooling to boot!!

I think a couple did call me crazy!!  

They had no idea and I was only just figuring out, how amazing life is when you accept the privilege of educating your children. 

The way you get to know your children and watch them develop is well worth the days you don’t know if you will make though. 

We live in a day and age of SO many amazing educational resources!!

You can educate your children!

You can give them an amazing education with a biblical worldview to equip them for more in life than just college and a job!  

Be a Better Mom Monday | Creating Exceptional Habits |Home School |Charlotte Mason Methods |

    As I find myself mid-year in my first home school curriculum I’m reminded of why I believe the Lord calls us to home school.  How can I have already started walking a line of compromise in my goals for home schooling?! I see now it will always be difficult to not compare myself to other home schooling moms and to not compare my child to other children.  Today as I was looking for a little online encouragement I remembered how important it is to me to be instilling the very best of character and habit training from this…

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Parents as Teachers – Charlotte Mason – Links

Doesn’t everyone want to give their children the best education possible? Our family surely does, and we considered all the options: private, public, and homeschooling and talked to some very wise people on all sides of the issue.  Finally, after a lot of prayer, we decided home education made the most sense for our family for now. Why do I say “for now”? I think it would be foolish to think we know everything God has planned for our future.  Just as homeschooling may not be for every family or even every child, homeschooling for our family may not be…

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Benefits of home schooling | Why I choose to educate my children

5 years ago, just a few solid years into my walk with the Lord, I found out my husband and I would soon have our first child. While my little James was still in my belly I began to ponder about his education. At the time here is what I came up with. Public School: There is a ton daily, long-term negative influence with crowded class rooms run be well meaning, but underpaid teachers. (Later I learned of Magnet and Charter Schools which fall under the public school umbrella and are arguably better options.) Private School: Expensive for a 1…

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