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I spent years, unhappy in my marriage, feeling like I was getting the short of the deal.
Through the Bible and its truth, God has transformed my mind to see marriage as it was intended to be…a picture of Christ and His bride.
 Today, I can serve my husband with joy, knowing I am loved and valuable.  My choices and attitude are not dependent on my husband or his behavior!!  
With biblical wisdom, practical tools and a little encouragement you find joy and fulfillment in your marriage too!!

3 Reasons I don’t go to the Nail Salon to Get My Nails Done

It was Mother’s day 2 years ago when I took my own dear mother to get a mani/pedi. I had a nursing baby I had to get back to quickly and getting away from the house was a challenge. My mom and I had an excellent time. We chatted and sat there as women scrubbed and polished our feet and hands. I paid the bill and tipped our manicurists. Almost $200 later, I walked out of the salon justifying the cost with ideas of quality time and pretty feet. After all… This was a treat. This was a gift! They…

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Be A Better Wife Wednesday: Tell him with love

“Okay”, I say as I walk away and tears are streaming down my face, but he doesn’t see them.  In an effort to avoid the gazillion questions children ask when they suspect you’ve been crying I go to my room to regain some composure and maybe wash my face. My husband hurt my feelings. Sitting here typing this I can’t remember exactly what he said,  but I know a few things: My husband loves me. He doesn’t hurt my feelings on purpose. He may not have meant what he said the way I took it. Now at this point (after your…

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Gentleness | Be A Better Wife Wednesday

Marriage is amazing. There is both joy and grief, hate and love. We can be our best and our worst selves with our spouses. Unfortunately, the worst often comes out in me.  There are SO many “things” we are told to do as “Christian” wives. There are books we MUST read and ways we MUST live…but really there are so many characteristics to strive to have/be in God’s word and they ALL are applicable in marriage!! I’m working on mastering gentleness…failing daily, but striving for perfection in Christ!!  I wish I could tell you I’ve mastered being gentle, but I’m…

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4 Ways to Help Your Pregnant Wife (All wives will love these though!)

Discussing pregnancy with a couple man friends yesterday was pretty hilarious. It seems our cravings and crabbiness isn’t always (or ever, actually) as cute as we think it is.  That first (and last) trimester is tough and though we are always sympathetic to the women in our lives we often forget all we put our husbands through during our difficult times of pregnancy. Let me say, I don’t believe it’s a husband’s responsibility to make his wife, pregnant or otherwise, happy but there are some things he can do, should he choose that will bless his wife tremendously during her…

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Be A Better Wife Wednesday | Back to the Basics

The older I get the more I see how simple some things really are.  We like to complicate things though, don’t we.  As I was thinking today about what I could do to be a better wife and how I could encourage you, I thought, “Wow,  I need to get back to the basics.”  And isn’t that what life usually comes back to. So here are my 3 tips for the week. Do these and if you haven’t been already, I can almost guarantee you will be a better wife….maybe even have a better marriage!!  😉 Basics of being a…

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Be A Better Wife Wednesday | Don’t Sleep on the Couch

It’s late. The middle of the night, actually. I couldn’t sleep on the couch. I tried in the living room. I tried in the bedroom. Knowing my husband is peacefully sleeping alone in our bed makes me restless. I couldn’t tell you exactly what he said. Well, I probably could if I thought about it for a moment, but I’m not going to because my goal before the sun rises is going to be to climb into my own bed and lay down next to the man who I know in my mind isn’t my enemy. I remember a wise…

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Be A Better Wife Wednesday |30 Days of Blessing Your Husband Overview

This month has been a fun month to be a better wife!! There are a group of us who are taking Homegrown Mom‘s 30 Day Challenge of Blessing your Husband. Some days, it REALLY has been a challenge!!! We are on day 30 and tonight I’m making a special dinner for my husband…I just have to think of what it is going to be and get to the store to buy everything!!  😉 I’ve enjoyed making a few videos throughout this study to encourage my ladies and since I’m going to highly recommend you do this challenge, I thought I’d…

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Be A Better Wife Wednesday: Goals

I’ve fallen off the “Better Wife” wagon and have noticed myself failing, in what I consider, some pretty crucial areas in our marriage.   It is difficult to admit when we fail, but if I really want to improve it’s best for me to get all this out there and those of you who know me personally can check up on me…an accountability of sorts.  Feel free to send encouraging emails and comments too!! I love marriage. I love the idea of keeping a promise, a vow, no matter how difficult or trying the circumstance.  I love the concept of…

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Be A Better Wife Wednesday | Give it Up

Not to be confused with Let it Go… Some time ago we had a post called Let it Go. The message was more on forgiveness. Just to clarify, today’s post is regarding selfishness, the desire to have your own way and the sense of entitlement (however so slight) that can creep into our everyday thoughts and actions. A point of contention in our house is the direction the silverware goes into the dishwasher.  Now, I’m not going to say there is a right or wrong here, but just to be nice, let’s simply discuss this as an area of “personal…

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Be A Better Wife Wednesday | Let it Go

    I’ve heard it said, the best marriages are ones who have 2 good “forgivers”.  I bet it’s true too!! Marriage is better when you just let it go. My husband likes to remind me how flawed he is. He always wants me to remember he is a sinner and will fail me.  Being he is the best man I’ve ever known, I struggle with remembering those truths on occasion. Anyone who has been in a relationship more than a few hours can tell you their partner isn’t perfect. We say things like “they are perfect for us.” or…

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