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I spent years, unhappy in my marriage, feeling like I was getting the short of the deal.
Through the Bible and its truth, God has transformed my mind to see marriage as it was intended to be…a picture of Christ and His bride.
 Today, I can serve my husband with joy, knowing I am loved and valuable.  My choices and attitude are not dependent on my husband or his behavior!!  
With biblical wisdom, practical tools and a little encouragement you find joy and fulfillment in your marriage too!!

Being the Spouse You Want Your Kids to Have | A Good Wife | 7 Nice Things to Do for Your Husband this Week

I was shocked when I realized Proverbs 31 was a mothers plea to her son. “The words of King Lemuel, the utterance which his mother taught him…” Don’t we want our sons to marry Proverbs 31 women? In Christian culture today, women take on the noble task of attempting to be everything the token Proverbs 31 woman was.  Since I had my first son ( I now have 2), I have taken the task ever so seriously. The way I am as a wife will be the most my boys see as their example until they take wives themselves. That…

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