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motherhood-category-page By 7am if I’m still in bed, it’s only been half asleep listening to my children get their own cereal.

 Exhaustion is often the only sure item on the menu for the day.

As wise woman, with most of her children away at college, once told me as she longingly looked on at the chaos of all my children eating donuts after our church service one Sunday morning , “The days are long, but the years are short.”  

Doesn’t that just sum up motherhood!?!?!?!  You can’t wait until bedtime, yet you can’t believe your oldest is 8!!  Where have the years gone and why won’t bedtime come faster?!!

I have encouraging news!!!

There is joy and fulfillment to be found in motherhood!!! For years I didn’t believe it, but it’s true!! God will use our children (and husbands) to bring us closer to God and bring us into abundant life!!

Don’t believe the lies of the world telling you, you are getting the raw end of the deal. You are living the most amazing season of your life, today!!!  

Encouragement for the Pregnant Mama

Dear Pregnant Mama, As I write to you, I’m pregnant myself. My due date was 3 days ago actually and this is baby # 7 by the way. Hopefully be the end of this month, I will have had 7 children in the last 9 calendar years. I’m no stranger to pregnancy or the crazy roller coaster of emotions that can often accompany it. Yes, of course, children are a blessing and pregnancy is a privilege, but mama, I know it can be tough too…REALLY tough. I’m pressed to encourage you this morning… You can do this, but more shockingly…

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Be A Better Mom Monday | Walk Worthy of the Calling

In just two verses of, what has come to be my absolute favorite chapter of the Bible for wifing and mothering, I’m filled with both conviction and hope, overflowing.   Christianity is a calling, I’ve always known, but over the years it’s been more difficult for me to believe motherhood is a calling too.  Women say it all the time and you want it to be true because it’s your season of life, but some days it seems like you’ve drawn the short end of the stick and missed your “calling” all together.   And aren’t those the lies of…

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3 Reasons I don’t go to the Nail Salon to Get My Nails Done

It was Mother’s day 2 years ago when I took my own dear mother to get a mani/pedi. I had a nursing baby I had to get back to quickly and getting away from the house was a challenge. My mom and I had an excellent time. We chatted and sat there as women scrubbed and polished our feet and hands. I paid the bill and tipped our manicurists. Almost $200 later, I walked out of the salon justifying the cost with ideas of quality time and pretty feet. After all… This was a treat. This was a gift! They…

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Be A Better Mom Monday |3 Activities to Entertain your 4/5 year old Girls this Summer

  Summer is upon us and I’m hearing a ton of moms stressed out about how to spend all the minutes of the day. There are just some days when you don’t want to pack them up and take them out, and you already feel guilty for the amount of TV you’ve been letting them watch. Here are my favorite activities for my 4 and 5 year old daughters these days!! Pattern blocks: We already have these on hand for math concepts during the school year, so my older ones don’t get really excited about them (though they still sit…

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7 Tips to Curb Nausea During Pregnancy

I open my eyes and look over at the blurry clock…it’s 2:30am and I’m about to lose my dinner. As I rush to the toilet, I think, “There has to be something to help this!!!” When I finally stumble out of bed again sometime after the sun comes up, I still feel terrible.  I know there is nothing left in my belly. Nothing sounds good to eat. I feel like I’m going to be sick, but as a woman who has been pregnant most of her  married life, I know it’s a feeling I’m just going to have to deal…

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Be A Better Mom Monday | Tea Time

One of my education/mothering goals is to have a daily tea time.  I honestly haven’t even wanted to try, the thought seeming overwhelming and difficult to execute.   As a friend was posting about her amazingly successful and awesome tea times with her own children, I begged her to give us a guest post. May you be as inspired as I am!! Guest Post Written by: Kim Martinez   Our Favorite Time of Day   “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” Henry James, The Portrait of a…

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10 Tuesday | 10 Requests I Always Want to Say Yes To

Life is busy. One day last week I found myself saying “no” A LOT!  How easy it is to get busy with the tasks of life and not take the time to do the activities and show the affection that are of genuine importance. With all the duties of wife-dom, motherhood and home education beckoning me daily, I often shoo off the little seemingly unimportant requests. As I pondered my attitude and my goals of motherhood, I decided to make a list… 10 Requests I always want to say yes to: Will you read this book to me?  (even if…

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A Birth Story | Baby Number 5 Has Arrived!!

  It seems like just yesterday we were announcing the pending arrival of Baby #5 and now here is our birth story!!!   A doctor’s appointment Wednesday October 30th at noon revealed I was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. The doctor and I joked I would see him tomorrow at the hospital since he was the doctor on call. My dearest husband did not want a Halloween baby and so I hoped to push things along to before midnight or wait until November 1st to have my baby. As history with our prior babies, I started to have contractions on…

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Chemical Free Fabric Softener

Today’s Post is a Guest Post from Carmen over at Carmen Homemaker. Since I have ventured into the “All Natural World”, I have not been fully content with the smell of all my homemade products. I have used many ingredients/recipes suggested from One  Good Thing including this fabric softener, which I love!!   I have used homemade dryer sheets, consisting of a cloth pot holder with 10 drops of essential oil(s), but with little success. While I love the smells of various essential oils, you cannot smell them on your clothes once dried, so it really seems like a waste of…

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10 Tuesday | 10 Changes for Better Parenting

    1.  Turn off the TV: I’m not saying you have to live television free, but let your children learn to occupy themselves and not be entertained every moment of the day. 2.  Get off the computer: Engage with your children as much of the day as possible.  Save your social media time for designated periods of time in the day or just wait until the children are sleeping to do all your web surfing. 3.  Sit down and eat with your kids: When my husband isn’t home, it is so easy to sit the children down for a…

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