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motherhood-category-page By 7am if I’m still in bed, it’s only been half asleep listening to my children get their own cereal.

 Exhaustion is often the only sure item on the menu for the day.

As wise woman, with most of her children away at college, once told me as she longingly looked on at the chaos of all my children eating donuts after our church service one Sunday morning , “The days are long, but the years are short.”  

Doesn’t that just sum up motherhood!?!?!?!  You can’t wait until bedtime, yet you can’t believe your oldest is 8!!  Where have the years gone and why won’t bedtime come faster?!!

I have encouraging news!!!

There is joy and fulfillment to be found in motherhood!!! For years I didn’t believe it, but it’s true!! God will use our children (and husbands) to bring us closer to God and bring us into abundant life!!

Don’t believe the lies of the world telling you, you are getting the raw end of the deal. You are living the most amazing season of your life, today!!!  

40 Days of Prayer |Day 6: Christian Radio

  There are a fair amount of Christians who I’m sure listen to all kinds of music.  For my family, we listen, almost completely to Christian music. This means I take the good with the bad and sometimes settle for what the musical connoisseurs would consider beneath them in an effort to not have conflicting worldviews and lewd song lyrics running through my mind.  I’m still stumbled, on occasion, when an old song pops into my mind, one I know by heart, that rages with its profanity and derogatory words. Our local Christian radio stations have encouraged me, intrigued me…

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Be a Better Mom Monday | 40 Days of Prayer |Day 1: A General Prayer for My Children

    What if my house, like God’s desire for His house, was a house of prayer?   Join me as I blog through 40 days of prayer. These are meant to be prayers you can pray as you read along.  May God change the world through our prayers. I doubt the effectiveness of my parenting, and subsequently yours, if prayers for our children are not frequent and many.    Heavenly Father, Thank you for my children.  Every moment today, let me have genuine gratitude for each one of them. Do not let their childishness or my selfishness rob me…

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Be a Better Mom Monday | Don’t Be Idle

If you are saying “Why is she posting this. There is no idleness in parenting!”  hear me out anyway.    “She watches over the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness.”  Proverbs 31:27   Do you eat the bread of idleness? I do…sometimes. I don’t struggle so much with idleness when the children are awake, but, oh, when they go to sleep I  can sure be idle then!!! The hubby will be at work, the kids will be FINALLY  asleep and I will want to do nothing.  Rest is good, but I often “rest” far…

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Be a Better Mom Monday |Stop Yelling at Your Kids

If I’m honest with myself, and you, I struggle with raising my voice to my children. I am often tempted to speak in unkind tones and/or harshly to them.  About a year and a half ago my dad gave us a puppy. At the time I had a 3 year old, 2 year old and 6 month old baby. No, we aren’t still mad at him. 🙂 I have an uncle who always has great dogs. He trains them very well.  He’s a hunter and his dogs are just as controlled and obedient as you would expect a hunting dog…

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Be a Better Mom Monday | Best Parenting Resources

  The truth is..wait for it…I’m not innately a good mom. I might not even practically be a good mom.  I’m slowing, by the grace of God evolving into the mom I want to be.  Desire for marriage and motherhood never reigned in my heart.  Actually there are a good many who will vouch for the fact, I used to hate children in general.  They laugh with moderate ridicule about the number of children I’ve birthed in the ridiculously short period of time.  The Lord most likely began the softening of my heart toward children long before I noticed, but…

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Thirty One:New Styles | Need to Get Organized? |Great Organizational Products | All Specials Available Through Online Party

Informative information brought to you by Meghann Abeyta New Spring Styles, Have Just Breezed In! Put a little spring in your step with 22 brand NEW products! Some of our newest product styles were designed to work together to provide excellent organizational opportunities and stylish solutions. How cool is that? Utility, Home and Thermal Organize your home, car, office and more with these new products for spring: Keep-It Caddy Pocket-A-Tote Hang-Up Room Organizer Hang-Up Family Organizer Your Way Cube Your Way Rectangle Your Way Rectangle Basket Your Way Rectangle Basket Liner Out N’ About Thermal Room For Two Utility Tote…

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An Octopus Hotdog| Homeschooling Units: The Letter O

Sometimes, well often, if I’m truthful I’m baffled at what my life has become. The Lord has transformed me from a woman who couldn’t stand kids to a woman who genuinely enjoys life with 4 little children under the age of 5.  Life with babies, toddlers and preschoolers really boils down to simple pleasures. Life through the their eyes is sometimes disgusting, often beautiful and sometimes genuinely baffling. The joy found in an apple, getting to play dress up or an octopus hotdog often leaves me shocked.  Thank God we are all so easily amused!! Want a super fun lunch…

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New Year’s Resolution | Organization

Along with my resolutions for the year, I would like to overall be a little more clean and organized. This isn’t something I can necessarily measure by anything, except maybe, my husband’s attitude.  You see my husband is a clean freak. His entire world is more at peace when every counter is bare and bleached and the floors are all vacuumed, swept and mopped. I don’t mean, my husband likes a clean house. We all like a clean house. I mean my husband likes the smell of bleach and notices crumbs on the back of the kitchen sink. We joke…

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New Year’s Resolutions

                                                  As a wife and a mom sometimes my only resolution is to get through a day with everyone fed and alive, but as a woman who pursues active sanctification moving toward being the woman God created me to be I choose to have a tad higher standards.   Here are years of sanctification under my belt and yet I still fall so short of perfection. Though perfection is not the goal, nor necessarily attainable, I do have to acknowledge everyone is at their own pace. I really struggle with this sometimes.  When walking with the Lord, I always tend…

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Morning Prayer Time |Starting Your Day in Prayer

“Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving” (Colossians 4:2) It’s one thing that was non-negotiable when I was growing up–morning prayers. Every morning, at a set time, we would all stop our school or work preparations and meet in the living room for morning prayers. Running late, being busy–nothing was an acceptable excuse. Our family started the day together in prayer. Period. Sometimes, we read the Holy Word, other days we would read a devotional and Scripture. What we did and how we prayed varied, but it was a constant in our daily lives.…

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