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motherhood-category-page By 7am if I’m still in bed, it’s only been half asleep listening to my children get their own cereal.

 Exhaustion is often the only sure item on the menu for the day.

As wise woman, with most of her children away at college, once told me as she longingly looked on at the chaos of all my children eating donuts after our church service one Sunday morning , “The days are long, but the years are short.”  

Doesn’t that just sum up motherhood!?!?!?!  You can’t wait until bedtime, yet you can’t believe your oldest is 8!!  Where have the years gone and why won’t bedtime come faster?!!

I have encouraging news!!!

There is joy and fulfillment to be found in motherhood!!! For years I didn’t believe it, but it’s true!! God will use our children (and husbands) to bring us closer to God and bring us into abundant life!!

Don’t believe the lies of the world telling you, you are getting the raw end of the deal. You are living the most amazing season of your life, today!!!  

It’s a Mommy Life. |Tired, but Blessed!

The house is quiet for a moment, though just from one quick glance around you can see it hasn’t been that way long. I’m on my hands and knees picking up all the toys lingering around the entire living and dining room areas. I’m longing for the time when my little one is walking and able to put his own toys away before he goes to bed. Bedtime went well tonight. Bathtime was fun. My little guy seemed to enjoy all his new Christmas bath toys. We read about King David in his children’s Bible and he went to sleep on his…

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