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Sundays Simple Homemaker: A Link-Up

Welcome to the link-up! I’m so glad you could drop by and check out all of the yummy recipes and things we’re sharing! Don’t forget, we’ve got three hosts now – Ashleigh, Tammy and myself are all three working together to grow the link-up and make it better than ever! Now on to this week’s verse:    Regardless of circumstances, God’s love is with you every moment of every day!!  When the littles are in tears and you want to pull your hair out, you can tap into the love from the Creator of the Universe!! Deep breath!!  Sigh of relief……

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The Lord Preserves

As I came across these verses this morning I was almost moved to tears, thinking of all the Lord has done for me.  He has stood with me, worked through me and delivered me. When my world seemed shattered, He stood with me. He has delivered me from my sin. Read about my most difficult moments here and here.   Have a testimony to share email me at nikkimarie@themomiwanttobe (dot) com.   We love our community of readers. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to keep up with all our articles.    

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Anxiety and Depression—5 Theories for Solution to this Modern Day Epidemic

So often these days, I see casual posts on social media or hear casual comments about such a serious issue. A dear sister in the Lord, who has experience with overcoming both anxiety and depression, in a biblical way, is sharing her  wisdom and research with us today. Anxiety and Depression—5 theories for Solution to this Modern Day Epidemic Written by Theresa Hemsath As a rather emotional person from birth and now a working mother of three children, I have struggled with anxiety and sometimes, bouts of depression for most of my life. But as I meet more mothers, both…

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Happy Thanksgiving!! Give Thanks!

“Excuse me, mom. Excuse me, mom.” My 5 year olds voice was pulling me back from a newly found sleep. My only guess is it was 6am. “Yes, buddy, what do you need?” “HAPPY THANKSGIVING, MOM!” Oh, my heart. He was the first one to wake up, and he’d been waiting for someone else to wake up so he could tell them Happy Thanksgiving. He just couldn’t take it anymore!! May your day be overflowing with Thanksgiving!! My prayers for you today are you would be like my son, waiting expectantly to share the joys of Thanksgiving to the point…

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