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Sundays Simple Homemaker: A Link-Up

Welcome to the link-up! I’m so glad you could drop by and check out all of the yummy recipes and things we’re sharing! Don’t forget, we’ve got three hosts now – Ashleigh, Tammy and myself are all three working together to grow the link-up and make it better than ever! Now on to this week’s verse:    Regardless of circumstances, God’s love is with you every moment of every day!!  When the littles are in tears and you want to pull your hair out, you can tap into the love from the Creator of the Universe!! Deep breath!!  Sigh of relief……

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Traditional Marriage

Let’s get a few things straight.   I love people, all people, homosexuals included.  God loves all people and its His desire that none should perish and ALL should come to repentance. I don’t expect people who do not believe in God to follow the Bible. I don’t think it’s wise for our nation to change the definition of marriage.   I’m sure you have seen social media light up with this:   In case you missed it. It is to symbolize the person believes in “equality” for marriage.  It is the most current symbol to show support for gay…

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“Our Hearts are Wicked.” Do we even care? |8 Ways to Make You Less Self-Centered in Social Media

  “Our hearts are wicked.” my 3 year old is walking around the house prattling. I’m instinctively torn between wanting to chant “and selfish, prideful and self seeking” and asking him where he heard this new phrase.  But it is so true. Our hearts are so wicked.  I love my son is repeating a concept some of us have such a difficult time grasping and I’m looking forward to a nice 3 year old sized discussion about sin and the need for a Savior.  And now all I can think of is how selfish and self-centered we are, even those…

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