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Encouragement for the Pregnant Mama

Dear Pregnant Mama, As I write to you, I’m pregnant myself. My due date was 3 days ago actually and this is baby # 7 by the way. Hopefully be the end of this month, I will have had 7 children in the last 9 calendar years. I’m no stranger to pregnancy or the crazy roller coaster of emotions that can often accompany it. Yes, of course, children are a blessing and pregnancy is a privilege, but mama, I know it can be tough too…REALLY tough. I’m pressed to encourage you this morning… You can do this, but more shockingly…

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3 Reasons I don’t go to the Nail Salon to Get My Nails Done

It was Mother’s day 2 years ago when I took my own dear mother to get a mani/pedi. I had a nursing baby I had to get back to quickly and getting away from the house was a challenge. My mom and I had an excellent time. We chatted and sat there as women scrubbed and polished our feet and hands. I paid the bill and tipped our manicurists. Almost $200 later, I walked out of the salon justifying the cost with ideas of quality time and pretty feet. After all… This was a treat. This was a gift! They…

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