Cereal Bars Day 5


Sometimes I think more highly of my skills than I ought. Today was definitely one of those days. Though I have never made granola or cereal bars I heard they were super simple to make and I glanced at a couple recipes for ingredients and then decided to whip up something on my own.

I failed.

Apparently if you are going to use dried fruit its generally blended and used as binding material.


I thought using Agave nectar and maple syrup would be enough to bind everything together. Some recipes baked their granola and some cooled it in the fridge for hours. Well, I really should have looked into this a little more.

My idea to mix all my ingredients with room temperature syrup and Agave, push down on a cookie sheet and bake didn’t really work well.

I also used a large cookie sheet which made the bars so thin when they were finished that although I greased the pan when I when to get the bars off they just crumbled.

Really the flavor was great, but poor execution on my part. We have been eating what turned out to be more of an odd trail mix straight out of the bag. I have found when refrigerated the mix hardens enough to form small balls for the kids to eat.

What is your favorite granola or cereal bar recipe?



Nickole Perry
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