Introduction to Cloth Diapering

intro to cloth diapering

Introduction to Cloth Diapering

Guest Post


Carmen Gonzalez

When I found out we were expecting baby #2, my husband and I prayed and discussed cloth diapering.

There were MANY pros and cons.  Let me start by saying, if we were in a position to financially fit natural, non-toxic disposable diapers like, Babyganics, Earth’s Best or Seventh Generation in our budget, I’d choose that over cloth diapering in a heartbeat.  With that being said, here are the Pros and Cons.


  • I KNOW what I am putting on my baby’s body
  • Washable
  • We save thousands of my husband’s hard earned money
  • Can purchase adjustable sizes and style
  • Can use them on more than one child.


  • YOU have to wash them(WAAAAAA!!!!),
  • If YOU don’t rinse and/or wash them promptly(by day’s end), they can bring smell, (I have found the steps I list below to be the only way for my cloth diapers to be smell and stain free.)

Which cloth diapers I use:


  • Review score of 4.5 almost everywhere I looked.
  • Prefer the snap the style (reviews show velcro can cause irritation to  baby’s skin and I didn’t want to take my chances.)
  • I prefer to remove and place my own inserts to be able to soak and wash more thoroughly. (There are options to purchase an all in one cloth diaper)
  • I make sure to adjust the size to fit my son, to avoid leaking. ( Leaking occurs when I have taken too long to change his diaper or if he had diarrhea.  I try to change his diaper 6-8 times a day for best results.)

How many did I buy:

I have a total inventory of 35.

I have to use pant covers over the Lab Trend and homemade diapers in order for them not to leak everywhere. They are only used if I need to, closer to laundry day.

Stop by next week to see the steps I take to care for and wash…

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