Cultivating gratitude and thankfulness…and a book review.



In May of 2010 my world was perfect. I was pregnant with the my 3rd child, living only a few miles from the beach with a double jogger and a trail close to my house. We had a pool, 2 healthy baby boys and a GREAT support system. Nobody thought we were crazy yet for having “so” many children. My marriage seemed a dream. People still often came to visit. Nobody was overwhelmed by our life choices yet. Looking back, it was a good year.

There was much I didn’t know about my future, but I will save that for another post.

The truth is I had SO much to be thankful for and didn’t even realize!!

In May of 2010 a boy I knew from college (who has since become a man, husband and father) has a different story to tell of those early days in May.

Truth be told, when I saw this sweet “boy” from college had written a book, I went straight to Amazon to purchase it, not knowing at all what the book was about. I didn’t care, really. I would read it out of loyalty, no matter the content, because that is what friends who just happen to be aspiring authors do!!

If you know anything about me, you know I have had a TON of children over the years and reading, though a passion of mine, isn’t something I have the luxury of doing as often as I’d like. Between toddlers, read alouds, and general home education, I just don’t spend as much time reading for myself as I would like.

All that to say, I finished this book in just 3 days!! I wish I could tell you I was completely unbiased, but I did enjoy the story because it gave me a glimpse into an old friend’s life, but it was more than too.

Under Water is:

Well written
Full of compassion
Filled with real life
A love story
A tragedy
Overflowing with goodness, mercy and faith
A reminder to be thankful

I finished the book feeling heartbroken for not knowing of the tragedy that had overtaken a small community I knew well many moons ago. I was left with a sense of loss and bewilderment remembering all people go through while we live our happy lives. But most of all, I was left with a hope for humanity, remembering how people rise up to help in the darkest tragedies of our lives.


This book is a must read. It’s history told through eyes of one man’s personal experience and that, in my opinion, is the best kind of history. This story is one that cultivates gratitude in a day and age where we seem to take everything for granted.  He was my age with a young family, when I had a young family and he lost everything, but hope…the one thing he needed. 



Want to buy it? You should!  Check out my affiliate link Under Water: A Natural Disaster Memoir here!!


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