The day I broke up with Beachbody…Forever!




Dear Beachbody,

Let me start by saying, it’s not you, it’s me.  O.K. well, actually it’s not me, it’s you, but there is someone else out there for you, tons of people actually, it’s just that I’m not one of them.

We had fun while it lasted, but I need someone with more substance, you know….just a little less superficial.  I want more than chasing my 20 year old body and, honestly, that is all you make me want to do.

As much as I have loved the way our late night infomercials created a longing to have a body I will NEVER have again, I have to say goodbye to the greasy half naked people who I’ve worked out with the past 9 years and move on to someone with a just a dash of humility and modesty.

There may have been a time when your hard body was attractive to me, but now all I see is pride and arrogance.

Shawn T, I will miss you most of all with your encouraging words and short workouts.  You were easy on the eyes and my children may in fact run and jump on your back should we ever meet in real life, but I have to let you go. You have been a part of my life since college. Thank you for my hip hop abs, but I’m a grown up now and I want more than a quick fix and a promise of forever.

Deep down I always knew you weren’t the one, but I stayed because I thought I needed you. I thought there was nothing better out there.  You offered “coaches” with no more training in fitness or nutrition than I have.  Oh AND as much as I want to say your relationship with shakeology didn’t bother me, she really always did.  She’s just too  expensive and pushy to be part of  my everyday life. She just isn’t practical anymore and you love me having her, more than you love me having me.  I have a large family to feed and even though she can give us some of what our body needs, I just can’t justify her anymore. She was a cotton candy friend, leaving me momentarily happy and craving her the next day.  Whole food just doesn’t do that to me.

The truth is you are pretty, but shallow, and I’m past that season of life.  I want to be more than pretty. I want to have more than a great body and I’m tired of you telling me that I can look like Chalene. I’ve had 7 babies, have stretch marks and I’m good with never wearing only a sports bra to and yoga pants to work out in again. AND I don’t feel like I should be shamed into sharing my before and after photos to prove I’ve come a long way.

I don’t need special containers to measure my food, or a 20 something with a perfect body telling me 21 days is going to fix my life.  For me, it’s just not true anymore.

Life is progress.

Life is beautiful, even when I have 40 more lbs to lose!

In real life, hair isn’t always perfect and strong isn’t always skinny.

I’m tired of your lies and disillusions and to be perfectly honest I’m tired of how much you want me to focus on myself.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life now and He wants me to look to Him first and others second.  Working on “myself” so much and looking at “myself” constantly and sharing my workouts and food plans is not storing up any treasures in heaven. I’m tired of your fabulous social media strategies. They are clogging my feed with people precious to me who only look like they care about themselves when I KNOW that is not who they are or even long to be.

You tried.  I tried. We just aren’t good for each other.   I want more. I want something that works on my soul.  I have found someone else….I have found the ONE.

Thank you for the goodtimes. I will try to forget how awful you often made me feel about myself.  I  know you didn’t mean to. You are a product of our culture…a culture that doesn’t know or love God.  I understand that now. My missionary dating was never going to work on you.

I have to say goodbye to you forever. You are not good for me.  Truth be told, I don’t think you are good for my friends either, but they will have to come to their own decisions about the kind of person you are. Maybe they still need you, but I see you as the tool that you are and though we may run into each other at the same parties, I don’t want you to think we can still be friends.

I need to let you go completely.  You are not good for me.

Not yours anymore,

An Ex


Please know this letter is meant to be funny…a break up, like with a boyfriend.. HOWEVER in case it did not covey I want to be sure to say this does not in any way change the way I feel about those whom I love who are involved with this company. If you are reading this and you know me, this isn’t a personal attack against you or your choices. We are still friends in my book.  I love you the same!!!

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8 replies on “The day I broke up with Beachbody…Forever!

  1. Everything you said was so true. It creates discontentment and discouragement. But it isn’t just Beachbody, it is the obsession with fitness and looks and outward at the cost of our peace and really taking care of the body the Lord gave us. Our bodies are all different. My hubby likes mine no matter whether I am 155lbs or 185lbs. I just want energy to serve God and people and not throw my back out doing normal stuff. Oh to do that without breaking the bank, and then being able to give what I don’t spend to eternal purposes. Love your heart and the truth behind the story meant to deal with a deeper issues using humor. ?

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you saw the heart of my message. Beachbody is just one of many programs that idolize fitness. Love your heart to serve God and live life abundantly.

  2. I loved the humor in this post and the truth in it as well. We are God’s princesses. We are beautiful. Embrace your tiger stripes they are more stunning then a six pack. They are selfless no selfish. They brought in life and not life for its own. I have shared this with women who are letting the world consume their minds with lies. This is such and encouraging post.

  3. Thank you so much!! Sometimes it is challenging to hear the truth through all the lies. It’s the ol’ poop in the brownies senario…even if there is only a “tiny” bit of poop in those brownies, I don’t want to eat them. Hahaha. Even a little bit of a lie wrapped up in truth is still a lie.

    May we keep our eyes on Jesus!!

  4. But I like to dance with Shawn T……………………
    What do you mean I won’t get my 20 something body back…………….
    Hahahahahahah…………………. you crack me up!

  5. I love this! I struggle with it. I love their OnDemand programs bc I can’t just leave my toddler after work to go to the gym, so the workouts are great. However I always feel less than for not using Shakeology, like I’m cheating on them for not buying into it. I just literally can’t afford it. It would more than double my monthly breakfast cost. Then there’s the modesty issue. Jeeze can’t these women put on a shirt? My husband hates how they dress and said when our son is older I need to pay attention to what room I do this workout in bc boys can go around seeing women in their bras… I have to agree with that.

    • Check out Revelation Wellness workouts. $10 a month and tax deductible and they are great, modest and have mostly Christian music. All levels of fitness too!

      Also I’m now using Garden of Life products and their quality is great. I do add fruit for taste, but I’m really impressed. Their prenatal vitamin is amazing too!

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