December Bucket List

The lights on the Christmas tree are already plugged in when I wake up in the morning.

I have a four year old who asks every day before dawn where the Christmas presents are so he can open them.

We have sat down each day as a family (well, not the hubby yet) to draw on the Christmas cards we will send out to family and friends.

Peppermint bark and candy canes are in the pantry. (Well, in full disclosure the peppermint bark is sitting in a bag on the desk next to me right now.)

I’ve been watching Christmas movies for weeks and we have almost finished the first container of eggnog purchased of the year.

My mind is still whirring with the possibilities of what to get the children and though I’ve only bought a couple tiny items for the hubby his big gift is still undecided. With an oldest child 9 years into his young life, I feel a sense of wanting to cherish every moment of each Christmas season so one day my children will want to come “home” for theirs.


We will do less “formal” school and spend more time enjoying family time the way I wish we did all year long! I will probably clean less and pray to have happy obedient children more, so I can keep calm in the midst of crying toddlers and potty training with tinsel and bells on!


With December  upon us and our calendar is filling up fast. I tend to do better when I write my goals down and with each passing year I find myself wanting more and more to enjoy December.

My December Bucket List

This year I’d like to:

  • Make Tamales (Technically I made a test batch today, but I want to make more!)
  • Make and send out Christmas Cards
  • Decorate Cookies
  • Listen to the audio version of A Christmas Carol
  • Drink homemade hot chocolate with the littles
  • Make hot apple cider
  • Harvest Mistletoe
  • Go to a Christmas party with just my husband
  • Watch a bunch of Christmas movies
  • Read a bunch of Christmas books
  • Go through the Names of Jesus with the littles.



I want to check the boxes with joy in every square.

I long to bring the love of Jesus into every activity with my littles.

I don’t want to rush or have unrealistic expectations. I just want to enjoy and bring joy into my home.

I want to be more calm, have more joy and laugh everyday!


Want to make your own list? Here is a FREE PRINTABLE for you!!

December Bucket List

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