Encouragement for the Pregnant Mama


Dear Pregnant Mama,

As I write to you, I’m pregnant myself. My due date was 3 days ago actually and this is baby # 7 by the way.

Hopefully be the end of this month, I will have had 7 children in the last 9 calendar years.

I’m no stranger to pregnancy or the crazy roller coaster of emotions that can often accompany it.

Yes, of course, children are a blessing and pregnancy is a privilege, but mama, I know it can be tough too…REALLY tough.

I’m pressed to encourage you this morning…

You can do this, but more shockingly you CAN do this with GRACE and KINDNESS!

I know it doesn’t seem like you can, but YOU CAN.

Take a little wisdom from an old lady!!  I mean…I’m 35 and far from an expert, but as far as pregnancy and pushing out babies goes, I do have a little to offer you.


Take Captive your thoughts:

Oh, the awful things I’ve thought about my husband or family or even God sometimes would make people question my sanity.  The battle REALLY does start here and whether it’s your selfish attitude or whispers from the enemy himself, you need to combat the ugliness with God’s truth!!

You are wretched sinner deserving of hell!!

I’m laughing as I type this because over the years, in my anger and justification of my bad attitude, I’ve had to say it myself…quite.a.bit.

Just to be clear, this is something you are to say to yourself, not to your husband!!  😉

Be kind and when you can’t be quite:

Over the years, one of my greatest prayers has become that the Lord would help me to know when to be quiet and when to speak. Let’s just say I’m still working on the ol’ if you don’t have anything nice to say advice of life.  As cliché as it is though, it’s so helpful.  I’m not talking about the silent treatment here, but just biting your tongue when you want to lash out or scream.

Sleep when you can and eat often and what sounds good:

This is probably the most selfish advice I can give, but seriously sleep and food can help you so much with mood swings.  Eat before you feel really hungry.  Eat what sounds good (try to keep it healthy-ish) and don’t get mad when your husband isn’t meeting your food needs.  I know you want to be taken care of right now, but you are pregnant and will be taking care of a new life soon (maybe several) so buck up buttercup and get your food however you can.  This may include asking your husband to get it for you or driving to get something yourself.  Maybe you will even ask him to make dinner or splurge and go out when it wasn’t the plan.  Explain, kindly, when you are not hungry or tired (LOL!!)  to your husband these things will really help you with your moodiness.  He doesn’t want you to be crabby. He is living with a newly crazy person. Cut the man some slack!!  J

Buy some essential oils:

This used to be super “hippy” to me, but I’ve really found the value in some good lavender oil.  It’s calming and really helps me with any anxiety when I’m over emotional, hormonal and pregnant.  Peppermint is great for nausea and even a little lemon oil in my water can really help lift my spirits.  If you know someone who is super into oils already, then ask them what a good energizing oil to diffuse in your home is. I like the combo of citrus and peppermint, but they will know better.

Take a walk:

I don’t know how you feel about exercise.  Get some in, though.  If you can walk outdoors first think in the morning, I suggest that. Something about the fresh air and being amidst God’s creation first thing every day, really helps change an attitude!


Make someone a meal or send out a couple cards to friends, but get the focus off yourself for a bit.   Perspective is everything!!


I love you pregnant mama! God loves you and I’m sure, even in the moments you feel otherwise, your husband does too!! It can be a rough season, but hang in there!! You’ve got this, mama!!!

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