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The question I get asked more often than not  is “How can I become a blogger?”  Although it’s simple in some ways, you can really do well quickly with just a little direction.

Let me be the first to tell you, if you are asking the question, you should have a blog!

Don’t waste your life. Tomorrow is not promised! Now is the time…stop saying someday you will start your blog and FINALLY, just do it!  The truth is:

You have a message.


You have a message. You might not know EXACTLY what it is right now, OR you might have TOO much to say, but you have a message and you can learn to express it in a way that not only changes lives, but generates a full or part-time income for your family.

How do you know what you are called to say? Legitimate question. Let me help you figure that out!!

Grab some coffee, a pen, paper and…

Ask yourself these questions to narrow down message:

  1. What are some of your most life changing experiences?
  2. What do you do REALLY well?
  3. What area in your life have you seen the most growth?
  4. What are your favorite quotes/scriptures?
  5. What topics to people already ask you about regularly?

Should you start a blog?

Maybe. But, maybe not. Clear as mud, right?  

You should start a blog if any of the following sound like you…


  • You really love to write.
  • You want to help people.
  • You have a product to sell.
  • You have a service to sell.
  • You have time to work or money to pay people to help you.

You should NOT start a blog if …

  • You are looking to make quick money.
  • You think it is a get rich quick money maker.
  • You are flaky or give up easily.
  • You have little to no moxie!  😉

But isn’t everyone a blogger now?

No! Not EVERYONE is a blogger, but there are a good amount of bloggers out there.  There are less who are doing it well (or consistantly) and even fewer who are making money at it.

Feeling discouraged? Don’t! (Well, unless you have no moxie, then just close this out right now!)

You are you! You have your own voice and your own message and even if it runs in the same line of thinking as someone else you have your own spin on things and God can use you for His glory and YOUR purpose!!


Ready to get started?


My best advice…don’t do it blind. Get some good advice and how to’s and get started the correct way so you don’t get confused or discouraged.

Seriously in 6 months you could TOTALLY be making money blogging!!


A sweet blogging friend of mine (who does it WAY better than me) has a great (and reasonably priced) course that is REALLY everything you need to know to get started!!   

If I could go back 10 years and have all the answers offered in the link below, I WOULD JUMP at the chance to start everything off in the best way possible!


Click here to learn all you need to know to FINALLY start your blog!! If you think that you have all the information you need to start a blogg and want to get going on it click here to start a blog now!!

Don’t wait another second to start working on what God has for you, ESPECIALLY  if you already KNOW this is what God has for you and you have been letting your fear or lack of knowledge hold you back!!

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