First Day of School starts with Tea Time

First Day of School graphicWhen you were young, didn’t you just love the first day of school!!?

I honestly don’t even know if that is common or normal, but I always loved the first day of school…new clothes…new teachers…new books!!


As a homeschooling mom I’ve worried my children weren’t going to have that “first day of school” experience.

We are entering year 3 of pursuing home education Charlotte Mason style.

So in honor of keeping it lovely and calm I decided to start the morning and year off with Tea Time.

If tea time is something you have always wanted to incorporate I want to encourage you not to be intimidated!!

Check out this fun and encouraging post about how to enjoy daily tea time!


Here are my top 5 tips for actually getting Tea Time to the table!!


  1. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect: You littles are going to be excited for a “special” time.  If you can manage to put a tablecloth on the table (yay me, I finally did!)  then you are doing great.   If you don’t want to wash a tablecloth, just boil some hot water and pour the children’s tea for them. The formalities will come, but it’s just supposed to be a sweet time. 
  2. Buy your sweet treat: One of the most intimidating factors of tea time to me was I always felt like I had to bake something.  As we want to have tea time regularly, we have no food allergies and I’m 33 weeks pregnant with baby #7, I’m embracing buying fun treats for our time!
  3. Keep decaf tea in the pantry:  If you don’t have tea on hand, you will never have tea time.  Just grab a box the next time you are at the store for any day you feel like you can add “boil a pot of water” to your to do list!
  4. Grab a book:  I’ve noticed especially with little children it is nice to sit and read poems, your literature book (2 birds, 1 stone) or another fun read.  Conversation and manners are not at all to be discounted, but if you want to start simple, grab a book. 
  5. Get excited: When you are excited and doing something special for your children, they get excited too!  Don’t let the idea overwhelm you, but instead choose joy and excitement and everything will be lovely!! 

This is the nicest Tea Time table I’ve ever had and it took me all of 5 minutes to set up! Even Charlotte Mason herself, would give this cali girl a pat on the back.   I’ve come a long way!!  You can too!!

delete 2Share a picture of what Tea Time looks like in your house!!!  

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