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Like most sickness, this week’s sinus infection came at the most inconvenient time in life. This sinus infection came on with vengeance too.  The pounding pain ran across my cheek and all the way down my jaw.  It hurt to chew, breathe and move.

No time to slow down.

No time to rest.

No time to be sick!!!

These kids don’t take care of themselves either!  😉



Being I’m pregnant…again, or is it still? Who can keep track anymore!?  Either way this meant 2 things:

  1. No decongestants

  2. No Antibiotics

I miss my dear friend decongestant. He is always so quick to make me feel better so I can get on with my days pretending I’m not even sick.

So I asked around and did a little online research. I have been using ALL of these natural remedies for 4 days and am feeling a little better.


 natural remedies final

7 Natural Remedies for a Sinus Infection:

  1. A Neti Pot: These things are fascinating! Just the sheer entertainment for the children was worth the $15 I spent on the little nose teapot.  I used to saline solution it came with, but I hear some people make their own or just use warm water.

  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Where have I been?  Apparently ACV had a ton of health benefits. After at least 3 tablespoons a day I’m even beginning to like the taste.

  3. Lemon Oil: I’ve been adding 1 drop to my water. There are several health benefits of lemon oil too!

  4. Hot Compress/Massage: Who has time for this?  I just kept a washcloth in the kitchen and did this whenever I had a free moment.  It gave a little relief.

  5. Hot Shower:  This really helped break up the mucus.  Ah, what a lovely word.  Whether sitting in the steam or letting the hot water pound on my face, it was really my only time of reprieve from the pain. Yup, I’m a bad California, a bad American and probably an overall bad person for all the water I used over the course of just a few days. Can’t say I’m done yet either or that I’m the kind of sorry that will lead to me discontinuing my water wasting behavior.

  6. Peppermint Oil: I put 1 drop of peppermint oil on a washcloth in the shower and used as a compress/massage on my face.  It felt SO, SO good.

  7. Humidifier: I don’t know whether this did anything at all, but I’d better mention I slept with one on for 2 nights, just in case it helped.

Update:  I am 100% better!!! Yay, for natural methods!!!

Do you know any tested natural remedies? Please share!!



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  1. Glad you are on your way to wellness! T
    I hope this helps but it is very important that the ACV you use is organic and has “the mother” in it. This is what contains the health benefits. Cascadia makes some that’s only about $3 for 32oz. Find it at fraziers. Otherwise you can use Bella has a cold right now and I’ve made her “fire cider”. It’s 32 oz organic ACV, a half onion, 1 habanero pepper, 3 garlic cloves, 1-2 tsp turmeric, 1 1/2 inch ginger, horseradish and 2tsp coconut oil. All organic/raw. It’s about $7 to make if you have none of it on hand. Anyhow it’s a great antibacterial and inflammation reducer. Tastes pretty strong but actually kind of good 🙂 Might be next to impossible to give to a toddler though ha ha! Good for mom and dad and older kids though. A shot glass full a day as soon as you feel cold symptoms coming 🙂

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