Free Addition Practice Worksheet


Alright, the truth is I’m a Charlotte Mason mama through and through! I adore her philosophy. I strive for being a complete purist when it comes to her, breath of fresh air, philosophy.

I believe in:

  • Nature studies
  • Short lessons
  • Narrations
  • Living Books
  • History rotations
  • Scripture memory
  • Poetry
  • Hymns
  • Composer Studies
  • Artist Studies
  • Handicrafts

Now all that being said, I have to tell you that sometimes my children like busy work. It drives me nuts, but they do!  Occasionally they even need a little extra math practice! There are times when worksheets come in handy and I use them!  I like for those times.

Times I use worksheets:

  • Road trips
  • Extra practice
  • When they just WANT more work and you have nothing left to give them!
  • Because some children thing worksheets are fun! LOL

So, just in case your child needs a little math practice or you want a little busy work while you listen to another child read, today I have a worksheet for you to print!!  It even has cute little bugs on it to remind you to get outside and study nature.


My 5 and 7 year old girls are my “busy work” students.  They are constantly scribbling or fake writing or writing out letters or wanting more math. It’s a blessing to have students so fun to educate, but occasionally I need more than what my curriculum offers.  I’m excited for them and even for me!!

These cute critters are here to help you with some fun addition practice! Be sure to check out for more fun math resources.

Here you go!! Click below for your free worksheet!


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