Giveaway: Jamberry Nail Wraps and Lacquers

chevron nails me You know I love to share a great product with you!! I have a new favorite way to do my nails.

Now, if I’m completely honest here, I don’t do my nails much anymore, but recently discovered my husband prefers me to have a nice set of French tips on these babies!!

So, just as I was about to start dropping $30 every couple weeks on regular manicures and pedicures, a friend hosted an online party for Jamberry Nails and my newest fascination was born.

These wraps are amazing!!

I say I don’t paint my nails because I don’t have time. Actually, what it is, is that I don’t have time to wait to let my nails dry.  I have butts to wipe and diapers to change and a baby to nurse!! I might have to clean up spit up, a spill or who knows what.

I simply CAN NOT be out of commission for 30 minutes while my nails dry. With all the dishes and laundry, O.K., mostly playing in the dirt, I don’t like to bother painting my nails because the polish chips and comes off so quickly.

A whole lotta work for mmmm….about 3 minutes of lovely!!

But then I tried these little nail wraps.  They take a couple minutes to put on, but they were still on after 2 weeks and I peeled them off with NO damage to my nails!!!!!

This is a great way to have all those amazing nails you see on Pintrest!!

Romantic Bride Blush Lacquer Mini Teal Polka and Flirty FlairAmerica and Blue Sapphire I always thought, I didn’t have the time for them, but if they last 2 week, I will take the 10 minutes it takes to do it!! Yay!!!   Here are my personal pictures from trying out Jamberry!! day 1 day 10 jamberrychevron nails me Reasons I love Jamberry:

  • long lasting
  • adhere with both heat and pressure
  • adorable
  • offers subtle or outgoing designs (other sticker companies I’ve tried offer designs I’d never wear)
  • sells coordinating nail color lacquers
  • no yucky smell
  • made in USA product
  • less expensive than getting nails done at a salon
  • no drying time
  • I get tons of compliments on my nails!!

Now, you know me…I don’t like to tell you something new without offering you a chance to try it yourselves!!!

We are offering a chance to win 2 sheets of nail wraps and 2 nail lacquers TO OUR MOM I WANT TO BE READERS!!!

I’m so excited for you to have a chance to win this package valued at over $60!!!!!  That doesn’t even count the cost of the money you will save not going to the salon!!!

Our spectacular Jamberry Independant, Consultant, Erica,  has also been gracious enough to let you pick your favorite patterns and colors!!

Looking to shop now?  Check out this online party. Just request to be added to our private group for even more chances to win other prizes!!!

Enter here for your chance to win!!!

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