Giveaway: Little Sassy Crafts |Car seat Cover, Teething Necklace and Headband


sweet sassy crafts GIVEAWAYYou have probably noticed all the adorably talented new (and experienced, but in this case new) mamas, who want to work from home so they can stay with their babies and they unleash this crafty amazingness that makes you never want to buy your precious baby anything from a “store” again!!!

Well, today our giveaway is from 2 AMAZING  new mamas who I just love. With their tiny ones in tow they have been making the cutest baby items.  One of these sweet mama’s has decided to not purse sewing as a business which works out great for our other mama from Little Sassy Crafts. She would love to make your little something special and I’m excited to order a couple custom headbands for my girls for Christmas!! (If she can squeeze me in!!)

As an experienced my I really want to tell you why I love these particular giveaway items!!

Car seat cover: A blanket that stays in one place and can help keep a baby sleeping when you have to pull them out of the car!! Just a bonus that it keeps them warm too!!

car seat cover 1

Teething necklace: My children chew on my necklaces ANYWAY!! These little beauties are healthy and safe for them to gnaw on this one in particular is SUPER  cute!!

Headbands:  These are just perfect for pictures and special occasions.   I know how much people like to see our babies all dressed up, and so I really like to for them!! Plus when they are custom, you don’t run the risk of seeing every other baby at the room in the same thing!! Not that anyone really cares about that because babies are just adorable and fun…when they keep their headbands on!!  😉

necklace and headband


This sweet necklace and headband came from Chelsea at Baby Boutique essentials, but since she isn’t making these lovely creations anymore, she happily supports Little Sassy Crafts.  Just want to be sure to give credit where credit is due!!

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