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new homemaker slideDon’t forget to check out the posts this week from the amazing co-hosts over at Prarie Gal Cooking and My Life Abundant!!

The verse Ashleigh chose for us to look at this week is Hosea 2:15

Hosea is a book of the Bible that fills me with awe and wonder.  It’s a shocking and  almost terrifying story of God’s grace and his mercy. As those of us who see themselves the harlot, unfaithful to God even though He has given us, literally, everything we have, we see hope and renewal.

As a woman who has walked, completely in love with the Lord, for years, sometimes I want to overlook Hosea. Some days I forget who I was, and what God saved me from, and even who I would be today without Christ.

As life would have it I did some good ol’ fashioned Fb stalking last night and I came across some people from high school I enjoyed finding. I scanned through their pictures, and enjoyed seeing them as spouses and parents.  So many looked so very lost, in their mid 30’s posting about their last drunken “good time”, pictures with children throwing up gang signs, sadly even one in a orange jumper.  My heart ached and I remembered what it felt like to search for happiness in a fleeting moment of numbing drunkenness or sex.

I remembered the feeling of longing and thinking it might be fulfilled by a person, a drink or by passion.

Only the great, fulfilling love of a Savior will bring contment.

I sat and thanked God for where He had brought me and I prayed. I prayed for those still lost. I prayed God would not give up on them, as he did not give up on me!!

The best part is, not only did he save me and show me grace, but He’s given me life abundantly!  He has given me a song of praise on my lips and the hope (even on the worst of days) of eternity spent with my Creator!!!


In case you didn’t get to check them out last week…here are a couple that really stood out to me!!

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